Finding a Freshman Crush: Bailey Keim

Bailey Keim
Photo by: Shawn Patrich

Written by Erica Siddle.

Freshman (crush) Profile: Bailey Keim

As we continue the search for the ideal freshman crush, we find quite an array of strengths, hobbies, and dream dates. It is not often, however, that we find a female freshman whose starry eyes have not been tainted by the glittering ring promised by spring. For those of you men not looking to drop a pretty penny Spring 2013, but still hope to find a great love connection, look no further. This God-loving runner has all the right traits you’d take home to youth group!

Bailey Keim
Photo by: Shawn Patrich

Oh, and I forgot to mention, those of you who find yourself interested in this freshman crush will have to go through an in-depth screening process before ever getting to take her on your idea of a Greenville dream date.

P: Why did you decide to attend Greenville?
B: I chose to attend Greenville because I desired to go to a small Christian college somewhat close to home. I also was given the opportunity run cross-country, so that was a plus.

P: How did you hear about Greenville?
B: I heard of Greenville through someone who went to my church back home.

P: What are your top five strengths, and which do you think best describes you?
B: Belief, Developer, Responsibility, Includer, and Discipline. Belief best represents me.

P: What’s your major, and what would your dream job be, that utilizes your major of course?
B: Elementary Education and my dream would be to teach in the inner city/urban area.

P: Where do you claim residence outside of Greenville?
B: O’Fallon, MO.

P: What do you miss most about home?
B: My family.

P: Has adapting to college life been a breeze or a bit of a challenge? How so?
B: It has been pretty easy to adapt to life at Greenville because I feel like I am in my element and doing what my heart desires.

P: Where’s your favorite place in Greenville?
B: Jo’s Java.

P: Are you involved with any extracurricular activities?
B: Cross Country, Track 

P: What do you enjoy most about being apart of Greenville’s cross-country team?
B: I just enjoy being part of the team and attending team Bible study and having team dinners.

P: How long have you been a runner?
B: This is my fifth year of running; I started my freshman year of high school.

P: What is your favorite aspect about being a runner, and what is your least favorite?
B: My favorite aspect of running is the after feeling. My least favorite aspect of running is mentally pushing through workouts/runs.

P: Have you dived into the ring by spring quest, and why or why not?
B: I do not know what this means.

P: What would your IDEAL Greenville future hubby be like?
B: A believer who is solid in his faith, a spiritual leader, and puts God before me.

P: Tell me about your idea of a perfect night out on the town…in Greenville.
B: Since there isn’t much to do I would say grab dinner and stargaze.



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