Joe’s Review

Written by Jon Johnson.

Pizza is considered an intricate part of American Culture. I mean, who doesn’t love a good pizza pie? Here in Greenville we have a pretty nice selection of pizza joints to choose from. Domino’s isn’t to far out of the way, and with their various five-dollar deals they have a certain draw to them. Casey’s pizza is dearly loved. Mario’s is always an enjoyable night out. And now, as of the twenty second of September, there’s Joe’s Pizza. Joe’s is everything you could ask for from a quality Italian restaurant and only a few minutes from campus.

Photo by Jeff Schaeffer

I grew up in a town with a lot of first and second-generation Italian-American families and my Italian friends, well, their moms knew how to feed people. Bad Italian food does not exist. If something you eat is bad and it calls itself Italian, it’s lying to you. Joe’s Pizza does not lie when they call their food Italian; it is all good and very filling. Their menu is full of delicious options from your classic appetizers for pizza, like wings and breadsticks, to the very promising cannoli and cheesecake after your meal.

The question of course is, how is the real food? Snack stuff is great and everybody loves the draw of a good dessert, but what about the pizza? It is phenomenal, to say the least. Though, I do need to provide a quick disclaimer. Depending on the night, there can be a significant wait for your pizza, but it is well worth the wait. Real pizza, the good stuff, is made fresh and when you order a pizza at Joe’s you can rest assured they haven’t made it yet. The crust is a hearty foundation for the pie, clearly with the intent of helping to fill you up more, through less food. Unlike a lot of pizza joints, Joe’s dances right across that fine line between too much and too little sauce and provides the perfect foundation for whatever toppings you order.

There was a time when pizza was seen as having two options; you could get cheese or you could get pepperoni on that cheese. Those days are long gone and variety has come. Barbecue Chicken, Hawaiian, Shrimp Alfredo, and Chicken Parm pizzas fill menus now and Joe’s has all of these and more. If you have rather picky tastes for your pizza, there’s a good chance Joe’s has just what you want. There is of course the chance that maybe you really don’t want pizza, but you still want to go out for some good food. Don’t count Joe’s off your list quite yet then. I didn’t call them a good pizza place; I called them an Italian restaurant (the good is implied). Their menu is full of options for salads and sandwiches and a number of signature Italian dishes. So if you’re looking for a cozy night out some time soon, take a short walk down to the Square and eat at Joe’s.


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