Better than Sunday Brunch at the DC: Interterm

Written by Elise Cranston.

Here’s the deal. I am going to let you in on a little secret. Interterm is whatever you want it to be. I am sure everyone has heard a million times from their parents that situations are what you make them, and interterm is no exception for this cliché. It can be a time to watch all of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix with your roommate, play endless games of Settlers of Catan with your buddies, have dance parties to ABBA in Katie Killeen’s living room, or to venture into wonders and secrets of Greenville. Interterm frees you from the tightly scheduled life of the semester, forcing you to fill the endless hours. How you choose to fill these endless hours will determine your experience.

Elise Cranston ponders life’s big questions

Looking back at last year’s interterm, I fondly remember mattress sledding down the stairs of Burritt, having giant sleepovers with my EDU101 classmates and friends, knitting my first successful scarf, getting stuck on the icy highway for 7 hours, playing Sorry in Jo’s Java, and learning I had to change my major. Among all these crazy experiences, most importantly, I found new friendships.

The most amazing thing about interterm is the bond students form among the few who are left on campus. Interterm 2012 led me to find a group of girls that are real gems. Most of them were in my EDU101 class, and although we spent almost all day together in class, the hours following were often spent together too. Our paths rarely crossed during the fall semester or the coming spring semester, but during interterm, I spent almost every waking hour getting to know these wonderful new people. Unity among Greenville students is strongest during interterm. It allows you experience new people, to break out the ordinary and typical friendships.

While many of my friends from last year interterm are not a part of my daily life, when we see each other across campus, fond smiles form broadly across our faces and our eyes light up with the memories of late hours spent making our own fun.

Many students often overlook interterm as an expensive way to shorten their winter break, but I think they are completely crazy. I would choose no other way to spend my month of January than here in Greenville. For it is here that friendships are formed that last a life time, memories are made, and stories happen that you will one day tell your grandchildren. Interterm makes history.

Elise embraces wintry nature







Photos by Kat Kelley


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