CROUCHing Tiger, Hidden Dragon


Written by Adam Crouch.

Interterm has long been known as a time to take a “slack off class.” But a small group of people this interterm decided to make what they learned useful as well. Those people are the ones signed up for Jake Plummer’s Martial Arts Class–although while in the class, “Jake” is known as Sensei.

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Normally seen mixing dangerous chemicals and giving upsetting grades to hard-working chemistry students, the Sensei of Greenville College’s interterm Martial Arts class is also a black belt in both Japanese Jui Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do, both of which we are learning the basics of in our class.

Crouch would like us to note that on his shirt, there is a squatch and a yeti shaking hands, while his life is in Jake Plummer’s hands. Photo via Will Christian Florian

The class starts out with a light stretch and a loud “Kia.” A Kia is a loud yell similar to the one the Williams sisters make when they’re on the tennis court. We are allowed to chose our own “Kia Word,” so naturally, Tyler Merrill and I made our Kia Word “Kiah” after Kiah Kelsen, who is also in the class.

After we bow in, yell Kiah’s name, and stretch, we start with the fun stuff. Chokeholds, choke breaks, and pressure points have been the focus thus far. I found it extremely comforting that we practiced the chokehold while sitting down as a precaution to those of us who might pass out.

After a few inside jokes, a loud shrieking scream from Elise Cranston, and a lot of already made memories, there’s only one question left: why is Tyler Merrill wearing women’s pajama bottoms and a purple sweater to class?

If you really want to find out, ask any of the lethal weapons that leave Sensei Plummer’s Martial Arts class at 3:00p.m. everyday. Some of those people you could ask would be Urri Thames, Amanda Land, Emily Hodgson, Tanner Reed or Sean McFarland.






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