Crafternoon Delight: Everyone Loves Memories

Article by Jamie Harling. Media by Bri Phillips.

How to keep your memories without becoming a hoarder 

I have a love for keeping things that I really do not need, just because they hold a memory. This project takes all those little knick-knacks and uses them for something practical: a monogram pillow! 

 Crafternoon delight photo
  • a blank pillow
  • old pieces of memories
  • hot glue gun or sewing kit

step1Collect items that you do not need for any practical reasons, but have held on to for sentiments. I used old necklaces, earrings, bracelets, buttons, a dog tag, parts of keys, pieces of an old belt, etc. You can use anything that holds significance to you.


step2 Place your knick-knacks in the shape of one of your initials.


step3Once you have them all placed, begin to hot glue or sew (depending on skill level) each of the items, arranged in the shape of the initial.


step4Display your pillow on your bed or couch and admire how much more you love your memories now that they are part of a beautiful pillow!


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