Crafternoon Delight: Tic-Tac Bobby Pack

Article by Jamie Harling. Media By Bri Phillips

Tic-Tac Bobby Pack
Photo by Bri


Women, do you constantly lose your bobby pins? Does it feel like you literally run out every time you need one? Well fear no more, because I present to you Tic-Tac Bobby Pack. This ingenious creation holds your little hair needs all in the palm of your hand.






Round up all those annoying bobby pins and put them into a pile. The obnoxious pile will help motivate you to finish this craft.


Take a piece of fabric and measure around the tic-tac container. Be sure to leave fabric to fold under the bottom of the container.


Get out that hot glue gun and glue the fabric to all sides of the container.


Put all  your bobby pins into your new stylin’ pack.


Enjoy a happy life, full of bobby pins and less time spent searching.



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