Think Twice Before You Harlem Shake

Written by Amber Christofferson, DM by Zach Bonner

The Harlem Shake is trending across campus and across the world. Is it here to stay or is it just another in a long line of dances that we will soon forget, along with the wop? The Harlem shake is mostly an upper body dance that involves a lot of shaking and wild outfits. You probably already know this, but I’m betting you don’t know THIS: According to Urban Dictionary, the Harlem Shake originated on a street where gang members would shoot unsuspecting injured people who were on crutches. The fall would cause this move that is now dubbed, “The Harlem Shake.” The gang members in mockery used this move and showed it at parties. A corporate gang member then sold this dance to a famous choreographer and that is how we now have the dance called, “The Harlem Shake.” However, other sources say otherwise, so before you Harlem Shake next time, take yourself to Google and do some research on it.




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