Greenville College Mud Run

Written by Carolyn Fairbanks. Media by Kat Kelley.

Photo by Elliot Thompson

Greenville Students got down and dirty last Sunday at the first ever Greenville College Mud Run. The Mud Run was a project for the Leading Activities and Events class. Rosie Nelson, Emily Dothager, Tim Pezan, KC Gilbert, and Matt Elder were instructed to create a campus event and decided to bring the unique 5K to Greenville.

“We are all athletes and loved the idea of something that would be physically challenging and fun,” Neslon explained. The group first started with the idea of a Tough Mudder or color run, but eventually decided on a straight mud run because of limited time and resources.

The Mud Run was held at the field station where, according to Dr. Ahern, there is mud all year round. After a meeting with Dr. Ahern, the 5K course and advertising were set in motion.

From Cross Country runners to non-athletes, students showed up ready to challenge themselves in the mud. About 30 to 35 people participated in the 5K. “I definitely enjoyed the mud run!” Sylvia Haygood exclaimed. “It was something new and exciting to do on the slow weekends at GC.” Ashley Hall was also up for the challenge. “It was super hard running through mud,” she explained, “but I felt so accomplished after finishing it.”

Photo by Ross Baker

Following the 5K was a BBQ, which had a total of 45 to 50 people in attendance. Grilled chicken, steak, chips, and bananas were awarded to not only runners, but anyone wanting to join in on the fun. “A beautiful day, exercise, food, friends, and mud…what could be more fun?” Haygood said of the festivities.

Everyone that was interviewed said they would participate in the Mud Run again. “We were so pumped by the success,” Nelson said. Because of the success the instructor of Leading Activities and Events, Dustin Fenton, wants to have Student Development continue the event next year. “The Mud Run is a must for something new to experience,” Haygood declared. “Whether you want to run competitively or are just avoiding homework, it was fun for all.”





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