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Written & Media by Mike Ward.

The Masters: After parading around campus all weekend, I realized that many around campus take the Masters Golf tournament far more seriously than I. From 2nd Joy screaming in unison when Adam Scott sunk his winning putt, to my Twitter feed frequently updating me on another unfortunate Tiger Woods fiasco, it is apparent that many take golf seriously on Greenville’s campus. That being said, why does Greenville College not have a golf team? Doug Faulkner, if you are reading, let’s make it happen! If next year would be the inaugural season, I would imagine Ryan Cole, Dan Mays, and Zach Griffey partaking. I could also see Adam Crouch providing comedic relief for the team while setting records for the worst rounds of golf played in DIII golf. That being said, the 2013 Masters was a monumental tournament for two reasons: Adam Scott was the first Australian winner and it also may have just provided inspiration for a golf team at Greenville College.

Kobe Bryant: Throughout the last two weeks no one has played as well or as many minutes as Kobe. Not only has he taken to the social media world, but has also stepped up his old-man game. Needless to say, he has left Lakers shaking their heads like this: (insert Obama clip) However, Friday night against the Golden State Warriors, Kobe went to drive left to the basket and tore his left Achilles tendon. Consequently, the Lakers season is over. Furthermore, Kobe is out 6-9 months. Let’s hope for all Lakers fans that he comes back better for himself, but also for their sake. We all know that when Kobe retires, LA ceases to be the Lakers city.

MLB Baseball: The past two weeks have been an intriguing beginning to the 2013 season. The Cubs have already lost their chance at the playoffs and the Braves have begun to show that they are the team to beat in the National League. Furthermore, Zach Grienke and Carlos Quentin reminded us why we continue to watch three hour baseball games: the monumentally entertaining milliseconds when you find yourself waving your hands, shaking your head, and asking ‘Is this real life?!’ Baseball is one of the few professional sports that continues to accept brawls as the norm and America continues to support it because of it. Can you imagine what Roger Goodell would have done this past week in retribution to Quentin for charging the mound? I am guessing that he would have to pay for Greinke’s medical bills. Needless to say, the MLB has begun the season with a bang and a pop of Greinke’s collarbone. Lord, please let the next 150+ games be nearly as interesting.

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WNBA Draft: For all that did not know, there is this league called the WNBA. It of course is the Women’s National Basketball League and last night was its most historic draft. Beginning at 8 p.m. tens of thousands teenage girls tuned in to watch Brittney Griner go as the first pick to the Phoenix Mercury. Griner is a 6’-8’’ center from Baylor who has made the majority of the country pay attention to Women’s basketball longer than just the Final Four. Her dominating defensive play and ability to dunk with ease has been a spectacle to watch over the past four years. Needless to say, the WNBA is about to get its most dominating and entertaining figure since the years of Sheryl Swoopes and Lisa Leslie.


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