Iron Man 3 Premiere

Written by Hoss Dossett. Media by Kat Kelley.

We fell in love with Iron Man almost as fast as he fell in love with himself. For some of us, this was a beautiful metamorphosis from comic book hero to film champion. For others, watching Robert Downey Jr. become Tony Stark was a magical first. Regardless of where you find yourself along that line, it is likely you are a fan and you probably made an Iron Man suit out of cardboard back in 2008 and you probably repainted it in 2010 and you have probably worn it in the basement a lot since then – probably too much. To you, I say, “Be of good cheer, for the Globe is near.” In other words . . .

ironman 3

Iron Man 3, at the Globe Theatre, on May 2nd, at midnight. Need I say more? Well, whether I need to or not, I will. It was way back in 2008 when we as a nation first encountered – in the film medium – what may possibly be the most American superhero of all time (according to my unsubstantiated opinion). He was arrogant, yet surpassingly gentle when he needed to be – a fearless, but appropriately cautious man. Was he peaceful? Certain times call for such a man.

This has not been one of those times.

Therefore, he has made a suit that shoots things and smashes things; he will need to wear that suit again on May 2nd. At midnight.

Naturally, some may worry that Iron Man might be a little rough around the edges. For you, I have scoured the Internet and discovered this: According to IMDB, Iron Man 3 is rated PG-13 “for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence throughout, and brief suggestive content.” Some might feel that they would rather not see fighting or smoking alluded in any movie. Others might feel that the overall theme of “good overcoming evil” is worth going to the movies and seeing some violence. That is for you to decide.

And if you decide that you do want to see Iron Man take flight once more then be at the Globe Theatre, on May 2nd, at midnight. Bring money.




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