GC Speaks: Ticket It

Written by Breanna Johnson. Media by Fallyn Paruleski.

With there being cameras attached to stop lights and such, do you think that it is the camera’s job or the police officer’s job to give out tickets?

Honestly, I feel cops have so much more to do than to be responsible for writing all tickets; however, since they are here to protect and serve us, keeping the road safe would exactly be part of their responsibility. So, cops and cameras are both needed in this situation to ensure that if a policeman/woman isn’t always there to protect those on the road, the street cameras can do it for them.

Police, especially those who are good police, work very hard at trying to keep the streets and citizens as safe as possible. But, it’s impossible for them to be everywhere at once and to attempt to do everything, so if there’s something legit that can help them out, then it’s not such a bad idea. Many people think that cops are only responsible for stopping crime and violence, but every other time I go driving, there are people who are breaking the laws and being dangerous on roads and  in their cars. Seeing people speeding in school zones, and cutting in front of others on the highway, makes no sense and they could kill or hurt someone, and probably get away with it because they aren’t being careful or punished because the police are not around. Which is why cameras at stoplights and signs can come in handy, so people will hopefully be more cautious and aware of how serious these roads are. If people’s lives and safety mean nothing to them, maybe getting a ticket and potentially spending time in jail will teach them a lesson and make them act differently.

Not only would having cameras on the roads be beneficial, but it could also put a stop to people claiming that they were mistreated or lied to by the cops. With cameras taking in the car’s information and proving that they weren’t following the rules of the roads, cops won’t get away with mistreating drivers and people will be punished for the crimes they committed. I already know that cops can only do so much, which is why they could use a little more help. If policemen see wrongdoing on the road, of course they are obligated to resolve the problem, but in case they’re not there, they have help from other sources.



Here’s what other students at Greenville thought about the topic:


“I think it’s the cops job because they’re there to lay down the law. My aunt is a police officer and she’s against cameras doing the work, because the police lose out on jobs.”   – Amanda Lang, Freshman


“Cameras [on the road] can be a little annoying. It’s better when cops can explain to you why they are giving you a ticket [or whatever the case is].   – Adam Gaus, Sophomore


“[Cops and cameras are needed] because even though cameras can catch people speeding, [and may catch things being done that cops may not notice]. [The police can also take care of the person right away] like arrest them for drunk driving.”  – Rachel Gramke, Sophomore


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