Spirit of Adventure

Media From http://fralfonse.blogspot.com/2012/12/luke-31-6-adventure-during-advent.html

Written by Tyler Merrill. Media by Noah Henry.

Media From https://www.facebook.com/globalimpact.charity
Media From https://www.facebook.com/globalimpact.charity

Paths walked by the disciples of Jesus Christ are those of extraordinary adventure. Over the past two weeks, Global Impact and Set Free have inspired a shimmering spirit for adventure across campus. In chapel on Wednesday, 9 October, Kali Long, the Set Free leader from Athens, defined the term “missionary” in its original Greek to mean “one on a holy mission from God.” It is this mission to which Jesus invites us.

Media From http://intothewest.mymiddleearth.com
Media From http://intothewest.mymiddleearth.com

Those who prefer the mundane or the ordinary, the comfortable or the familiar, should not wander from the patterns of the world onto paths of righteousness and truth. Now, taking such paths is dangerous business. To apply J.R.R. Tolkien‘s words, “You go out your door, step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” So it is for those who earnestly seek truth and keep walking despite all obstacles.

In the fight against human trafficking, abolitionist Kyle Littlefield claims one of the greatest difficulties in spreading awareness is the fact that Americans are entirely uncomfortable considering their proximity to modern-day slavery. While we tend to be sympathetic to its existence in far off places of the world, we shy away from acknowledging its existence in our own backyard. Even more, the thought that our consuming habits may be directly related to the enslavement of thousands of individuals is simply unbearable to us. What tragedy would befall this country if buying a Hershey’s bar rendered a feeling of conviction. Such an occurrence would be unacceptable even to the overweight population. Ignorance is much more comfortable; and this is not unique to the movement against human trafficking. The devil uses the same tricks on many paths.

But ignorance and forgetfulness are not options for the disciples of Jesus Christ. Our Savior told us we would be salt and light in our communities. Walking in the light, he said we would uncover much that lies in darkness. What we uncover, let us not hide under a bowl. Rather, may our Lord continue to guide us towards it on paths of righteousness, for his name’s sake.
Consider what sparks of truth are flickering in your world, whether it be a social movement, a verse of Scripture, a friend in need, a commandment of Christ, or whatever you deem praiseworthy. May you be bold enough to walk towards it in the spirit of adventure and the Spirit of our Lord, knowing that if you continue, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.


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