Why Aren’t You Watching This? Arrow

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Written by Tyler Lamb. Media by Austin Stephens.

Last year I highlighted two shows that you should be watching, and they were both of the comedy variety. This time around I’m throwing out a great action/drama show by the name of Arrow. Arrow is a show on the CW about billionaire Oliver Queen taking up the mantel of Green Arrow and keeping his city safe. There are many aspects to this show that will keep you glued to the set and wanting more after each episode.

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Stephen Amell as Green Arrow
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I may have lost you at CW. Unfortunately, thats the case for a lot of people. Everyone knows the classic CW show, full of teen drama and dumb love triangles that always end in spotty, laughable dialogue and acting. This is where Arrow drifts away from the norm. Unlike almost any other show on the network, Arrow is able to pretty much sweep most of the melodrama and stupid love stories under the rug, and even when they are addressed they are never main staged. It is basically a darker, more serious toned Smallville. The story of Oliver’s journey to become a hero is what stays the focal point, and you see how his life changed while he was stranded on an island for 5 years.

That’s right, stranded on an island Cast Awaystyle for 5 years. Well, not really, since he met some real people and not a volleyball, and he was on a boat not a plane, but there is a whole subplot to the story. This is another interesting part of the show. Constantly you are wanting to see what is unfolding on the island and back in present-day Starling City. Of course, you know he comes out alive, but numerous times you are shown his scars (in the show’s many, many workout scenes). This, and the lingering thought of what happened on the island in that 5 years he was stranded to make him how he is now, is a driving point in the story. It keeps everything fresh and makes you never tire of either location.

Trick arrows Media by comics101.com
Trick arrows
Media by comics101.com

As mentioned before, this is a show about the superhero Green Arrow. So yes, you see him jumping around shooting guys with arrows all the time. Better yet, you see his awesome combo arrows that he has in the comics! Things like arrows that explode or taze the person who gets hit. It’s fun to see the different types he uses, and keeps you hopeful for future creations. Stephen Amell does a great job and has only been improving as the show goes on. Almost everyone does great in their parts, and you can tell the show is getting better as it gets more money to spend on its production.

If for whatever reason you are crazy and none of what has been mentioned makes you want to watch it, maybe these next things will. This show is most likely going to be connected to the cinematic universe DC is setting up. That means this is the man who will be playing Green Arrow in a Justice League movie. It’s not been confirmed yet, but there is a lot of speculation that it will be. Not only that, but later this season none other than The Flash himself is being introduced and will get his own series afterwards. Still not interested? Well what about all of the first season being available on Netflix to stream? Now if you have Netflix there is almost no reason to give the show a shot. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.



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