The AAA’s Awards: Big Toasted Ravioli

Written by Jake Cannon. Media by Kelsey Neier.


The American Advertising Awards Awards. It is a rapturous occasion when one wins an award. I’m not talking about an “everyone gets a trophy for participating” kind of award; I’m talking about Academy Awards style award. Maybe a little less prestigious, maybe something great for name recognition, networking and bullet points on your resume. Did I mention a plaque? Well, it was a rapturous occasion indeed for the Greenville College’s Digital Media department on February 7th, when they walked away from the American Advertising Association awards with eight Gold’s, two Silvers and even a Best of Show.

AAA Award Winners from left to right – Jessa Wilcoxen, Morgan Johnson, Jessica Sturgeon, Logan Shaw, Briana Phillips, Rebekah Dothager, Deloy Cole, Jake Cannon and Tyler Lamb. Media by




Now you may be asking yourself, what are the American Advertising Awards? As stated on their website, it is a national competition that seeks to “recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.” Now, granted the Digital Media students of Greenville entered in the local awards, but after winning a Gold, you automatically are submitted for regionals, which in our area, will be against Michigan and Indiana. And that’s what awaits our tech savvy Digital Media students, a chance to not only compete nationally, but for a chance to show off their creativity in their own unique ways.

Award Winner
Morgan Johnson is all smiles as she proudly displays her AAA Award. AAA Award Winners. Media by

Yes, excitement was in the air, as was fine dining when the Greenville professors and students entered into the lovely Par-A-Dice hotel and casino in Peoria, IL. Among those who went were Jessa Wilcoxen, Deloy Cole, Morgan Johnson, Jessica Sturgeon, Tyler Lamb, Logan Shaw, Briana Bhillips, Sean McFarland, Rebekah Dothager and myself. It was an extravagant affair with heavy hor d’oeuvres, including these delicious toasted ravioli. But where was I? Oh yes, the toasted ravioli. After settling into our seats, it was time to sit back and nervously await the results. In the student category, Greenville won big. I mean, big, big. Like toasted ravioli big. Like biggest year since Greenville first started entering in 2010 big.

AAA Award Winners Jake Cannon, Morgan Johnson and Tyler Lamb. Media by


Jake Cannon and Tyler Lamb proudly show off their awards. Media by

With that, here is who won what: Silver award: Logan Shaw and Jessica Sturgeon. Gold award: The Vista (Fall and Spring of 2013 editions), Logan Shaw (who won two Golds), Morgan Johnson, Rebekah Dothager, Sean Mcfarland, Tyler Lamb, Austin Schumacher and myself. Best of Show: Tyler Lamb, Austin Schumacher and myself. You can check out the details of the entries and awards at the GCDM website. It was a big night not only for the Digital Media department and toasted ravioli, but also for Greenville College. As the years roll by, let us always continue to light the flame of creativity and recognize and honor those who leap and abound in it.



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