GC Speaks: Chocolate Bunnies or Peeps?

Written by Justin Smith. Media by Justin Smith.


One of the best things about Easter is the candy! Obviously it’s not the best or even close to the main idea, but it’s still a lot of the fun. I’ve always remembered having Easter egg hunts as a kid and I also remember getting spoiled by grandma and definitely over indulging in chocolate. Even though I’m six hours away, my grandma still sends me care packages to satisfy my sweet tooth. The last time she sent me a care package, it had about FIVE POUNDS of candy in it! It was insane!

This time on GC Speak we asked people if they prefer chocolate bunnies or Peeps! Although I like both, I would definitely say that Peeps are the best… Until you get to the point where you’ve over stuffed yourself with them. Then you just bloat up like a marshmallow! *ba-dum-tss*

I hope everyone has a great Easter and that we can all enjoy the candy, but most importantly, the resurrection of Jesus Christ!



The winner here was, unfortunately, chocolate bunnies! It seems that not many people here at GC like Peeps at all. Sad Panda.


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