Kill La Kill Anime Review

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Written by Logan Welliver.  Media by Stephen Hillrich.


Before watching Kill la Kill I would have defined the words legendary and epic very differently, but Kill la Kill made such an impression on me that from here on out I will forever be reminded of Kill la Kill when an individual utters those words. From the fantastic animation, complimentary soundtrack, all the way to fantastical scenarios and enduring charm, Kill la Kill is an absolutely phenomenal piece of art from beginning to end.

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From the minds of Hiroyuki Imashi and Kazuki Nakashima comes Kill la Kill. Both Imashi and Nakashima worked on the anime Gurren Lagann, which is where much of Kill la Kill’s influence comes from. Because of this Kill la Kill looks fantastic, everything about the visual aesthetic is appealing and enrapturing. From the rugged tone of the darkest parts of the series to light hearted sequences that encompass the more comedic side of the show, the art and style accurately portray what is occurring on the screen. But visuals cannot exist properly without sound, so thank the Lord that the aesthetics are accompanied by and equally excellent, if not better, auditory experience.

The soundtrack is by far one the greatest aspects of the show. The show is very grand in many ways, and the music only reinforces that. From the biggest tracks like “Before My Body Is Dry”, which generally drops in at time of revelation and the climax of each episode. From the beginning of every episode to the end, the music reinforces what excellence that Kill La Kill brings to anime. All of this compiled together is what makes this anime exceptional.

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Now here’s the part where I completely fan girl about how fantastic this show really is. This show might as well have changed my life. From the kick butt protagonist to the ever infuriating antagonist, this show is a quite the ride. If you ever want to feel empowered and encouraged this show is the one to do it. When Ryuko, the main protagonist, overcomes an enemy that is seemingly far too great for her to defeat, no man or woman, regardless how strong they are, can keep from jumping up and freaking out. FREAKING OUT. There is nothing not to love about Kill la Kill. It has absolutely everything, tender awkward moments, tension up the kazoo, physical and witty comedy and action out the wazoo. There is but one thing I can hope for more from this show and that is that it gets localized. I want to watch this all again in beautiful 1080p, BluRay, English Dubbed beauty. A man can hope, a man can dream, but for now, Kill la Kill.



  1. Excellent review! And cool blog too, and by the way, where is the follow icon on the side?
    Anyway, I agree, Kill la Kill was all kinds of awesome! It has just about everything from action to comedy to characters. Studio Trigger really out did themselves for their first outing.
    You are right about being able to remember the names of the characters in Kill la Kill. There are so many memorable and likable ones throughout the series, and I almost want to say that Mako is my favorite for being the best comedic relief character in years, but there are so many other great characters that I cannot decide.
    Man, that OST is killer. It is one of my favorites to listen to ever since watching the series.
    Also, do you mind if I link to your review at the end of my review post? At the end of my anime reviews, I usually post links to others that have reviewed the series that I am reviewing, so I want to add a link to yours if you are OK with that.
    Here is the link to my review if you are interested.



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