Top 30 Things Second Semester Seniors are Tired of Hearing

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Image credit Justin Smith.

Written by Betsy Wagoner. Media by Justin Smith.


Second semester seniors have rocked the GC life for almost four years now (or two for transfers). We’ve heard multiple different questions over the course of four years that are stereotypical to the GC life like “What are your top 5 strengths?” or “How have you grown spiritually since being here?” Apartment 311 has compiled a list of 30 things that seniors are tired of hearing this spring semester.


1. “What are your plans for next year?”


2. “Do you think your top 5 strengths have changed?”


3. “Sorry, I can’t come. I have an interview.”


4. “I just realized this is our last __________ together.”


5. “Do you want to sit on Scott’s field?” “NO, I want to sit on SCOTT field!”


6. “Emails that begin with, “Hello Graduating Seniors!”


7. “You better visit Pam Potts!” “Does her name have one or two T’s?”


8. “You better start networking.”


9. “Everything will work out.”


10. “So, how many days until graduation?”


11. “Do you know where you’re living after graduation?”


12. “How’s the job search going?”


13. “Did you get that ring by spring?”


14. “Embrace the unknown.”


15. “Enjoy it, it goes by fast!”


16. “Do you like living in tower?”


17. “You have your whole life ahead of you!”


18. “Time to start acting like an adult!”


19. “What exactly do you plan to do with that degree?”


20. “Do you have a backup plan?”


21. “So are you moving back in with your parents or getting married?”


22. “You’re single? Do you plan on taking after Paul?”


23. “Did you get a full credit for walking and running online, or juggling?”


24.  “Do you plan on drinking after graduation?”


25. “Are you cutting your ivy alone, or keeping it connected to your boyfriend’s?”


26. “Do you plan on staying connected to your close friends?”


27. “Do you know all the words to the Alma Mater?”


28. “Who are your three references for grad school?”


29. “How do you plan on integrating the Wesleyan Quadrilateral into your COR401 project?”


30. “Adam Bro’s or Jo’s?”



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