tumblr. It’s Not Just for Girls


Made by Logan Nelson

Written by Yazmin Egipciaco. Media by Logan Nelson
Social media sites are continually taking over the world with their numerous updates, millions of users, and overwhelming success. From Facebook to Twitter, from Twitter to Instagram, our lives are consumed with hours spent on these networks. Many of us started out with Facebook (actually, MySpace but we won’t talk about those days). Good ol’ Facebook where you could post a status update, or a picture of your dog for the hundredth time. It was loved by many, particularly the young college student age until the older generation discovered it. Now you can’t go a day without your great Aunt Jenny commenting on a photo you were tagged in, unaware that it isn’t actually yours and she’s just embarrassing you. It’s safe to say Facebook has died down in it’s popularity amongst our crowd. Now twitter, that has yet to be corrupted by our parents and great aunts, but who wants to read pointless statements from people whom we don’t really care about, all day? Instagram, sure it’s okay, but the same Starbucks cup and sunset #nofilter pictures get old. However, there is in fact one social media site that has yet to encounter flaws, argumentatively- Tumblr. Tumblr is a brilliant, addictive, blogging site that was made in 2007, most recently gaining it’s massive popularity in the last couple of years. Now I say addictive with emphasis because one can find themselves lost in it’s clutches for hours. It is nearly impossible to quit scrolling through the hundreds of pictures of nature, beautiful landscapes, deep quotes placed on an aesthetic background and whatever else you choose to follow to your liking. Also, one might find themselves working all night trying to make their personal tumblr page perfectly eye-catching.

Tumblr is such a successful site because of its variety. If you want to feel inspired, log on to Tumblr. If you want to feel happy, log on to Tumblr. If you’re feeling sad, you’ve guessed it, log on to Tumblr. The variety of posts you see appeal to all types of emotions and all types of people and that is what is beautiful about it. It is a blogging site, therefore you find a little bit of everything.

Contrary to popular belief, Tumblr is not just for girls… Or hipsters/wannabe hipsters, as stated, it appeals to all types of people.

Tumblr is just a cool, creative, modern way to express oneself and it should be greatly appreciated because it is wonderfully created. And count your lucky stars because I don’t see our parents or Aunt Jenny getting ahold of it anytime soon… Or ever. So log on and get lost in the wide range of deep conversations and vintage pictures of legs and a coffee mug, maybe you’ll get inspired.


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