NFL Free Agency Predictions

Written by Jonathan Barker. Media by Wes O’Dell


It’s almost that exciting time of year where us NFL fans get to watch big names move to new cities. Until the free agency window opens on March 10th, all we can do is speculate. Sometimes speculating can be fun.

There aren’t very many top-notch QB’s that will be available this offseason. Since the Draft has become the main route of teams finding their franchise quarterback, long term answers are rarely found in the free agency pool.

Photo of Mark Sanchez
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The fact that Mark Sanchez is one of the top available QB’s says a lot. I would love to see Sanchez reunite with his former coach Rex Ryan, who was recently named the Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills. Although he had a 64.1 completion percentage (his best by almost 8 percent), the Eagles’ collapse suggests that he may never be able to take his game to the next level. Jake Locker is also set to hit the open market. Although he has played well when healthy, his prone to injury may not attract many teams. (Same for Michael Vick)

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Coming off of a career best year, RB DeMarco Murray has stated he wishes to remain with Dallas. Last offseason proved the price tag for running backs has dropped. Although it would be interesting to see how much teams would overpay for Murray’s services, I don’t expect him to play for any other team than the Dallas Cowboys. 2015 could be a year of redemption for CJ Spiller, whose 2014 season was plagued by injuries. Mark Ingram may also turn some heads if the Saints choose not to re-sign him. (Would the Colts take their chances on another Alabama Back?)

I barely want to mention Dez Bryant or Randall Cobb because I would be shocked if either teams let go of their valuable WRs. Demaryius Thomas, Torrey Smith and Jeremy Maclin could all demand a hefty paycheck. Watch out for the Carolina Panthers, who are in desperate need of another WR for Cam Newton to throw to.

On the defensive side, the notorious DT Ndamukong Suh presents an interesting case. Known for his dirty play style, I think it would be fitting to see him sign with the Oakland Raiders. (Dare I say the Steelers?) The Lions are obviously very interested in bringing Suh back, but using the franchise tag would cost them over $26 Million in cap room.

Photo of Justin Houstin
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Linebacker Justin Houston recorded 22 sacks last season. Let that sink in. If the Kansas City Chiefs don’t sign him or decide to use their franchise tag, he will be a very coveted commodity. The entire Cincinnati Bengals defense only managed 20 sacks in 2014. Look for them to search for a solid pass-rusher to compliment their run-stopping DT Geno Adkins.

Overall, this should be an interesting offseason as we all watch it unfold.



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