GC Little Britain Day

Suzanne Ford (L), Katie Schmierbach (R

Written by Stephanie Rodriguez. Media by Madison Moran.

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Suzanne Ford (L), Katie Schmierbach (R), and Burt. Source: facebook.com
Suzanne Ford (L), Katie Schmierbach (R), and Burt. Source: facebook.com

On Monday April 20, Mannoia’s and Holtwick’s CRE, Jakob Adam, hosted an all-day event for President Ivan Filby’s birthday, GC Little Britain Day. The entire campus became British for the day with fun-filled events throughout the day. Some people dressed up as their favorite British characters while many wore their Forever Filby shirts.

When asked about the event, Suzanne Ford, a senior at GC stated, “We started the day with tea and biscuits. I saw a couple of people and a dog dressed up in their best British outfits. Everyone was enjoying being able to celebrate President Filby’s birthday with him. The Tardis even made an appearance! Filby’s recorder solo of ‘God Save the Queen’ was icing on the cake of a campus-wide British celebration.”

Ivan and Kathie Filby. Source: facebook.com
Ivan and Kathie Filby. Source: facebook.com

There was “Tea Time” after chapel by Scott Field. Students were able to drink great tea and try delicious biscuits for free. Around 11 a.m. students and faculty members could take pictures with President Filby by the Tardis in Scott Field. There was also a game of croquet going on while students waited for their turn.

Katie Schmierbach, a sophomore at GC, and her dog Burt had a lot of fun throughout the day. She said, “My grandmother was British and when I heard they had a little Britain day in honor of President Filby’s birthday, I was super excited. I thought it was wonderful how loved and respected our president is, especially to make his birthday a holiday! I dressed up like Kate Middleton, Duchess of York. Burt decided to join in the festivities and dress like a British monarch. I had a cup of strong black brewed Earl Grey Tea – just how grandma made it – and was able to join the president at the Tardis for some picture taking. I have to say it was a splendid time and President Filby really knows how to celebrate!”

Ivan and Kathie Filby.
Ivan and Kathie Filby. Photo by Madison Moran.

The day finished with more tea time and birthday cake at 3 p.m. in the Chartreuse presidential home behind the freshmen parking lot. It was a great time for everyone to join in the festivities for the celebration of President Filby’s birthday.

The following day, President Filby posted on his Facebook page the following message: “Thanks to everyone for all the birthday love yesterday. It made me feel very special and very appreciative of the many friends in my life.”



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