Fuller House Coming to Netflix

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Written by Kristen Kanaskie.  Media by Stephen Hillrich.


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media via omgblog.com

Although the 80’s have long since passed, some of our favorite trends have remained timeless—especially when it comes to media. Fortunately enough, my parents made sure that I was culturally educated from what they consider the “golden era” in their lives. Growing up, my sister and I spent countless hours with my mom and dad listening to 80’s power ballads, memorizing lines from every “brat pack” movie, and most importantly, becoming well acquainted with the beloved television shows that became instant classics. One such show that I can’t exclude from the list is Full House—ever hear of it? For years, viewers both young and old have fallen in love with the heartwarming story of a single dad attempting to raise three young daughters with the help of his friends. Whether its Danny Tanner’s endearing dad jokes, Joey’s horribly misguided compliments, Uncle Jesse’s swoon-worthy mullet, DJ and Kimmy struggles through adolescents, or the adorable one-liners from Michelle Tanner, there’s always a reason to watch a show as sensationalized as Full House. In 1995, however, hearts broke all around the world with the series cancellation, and many viewers never quite could let go. Years after and even in current times, many television stations still keep Full House as a part of their normally scheduled broadcasting, but watching the same episodes over and over has not been quite enough for die-hard fans. If you find yourself in this category—fear not! Your day has finally come.

media via nativemobile.com
media via nativemobile.com

In late April, Netflix released information stating that the company bought the rights to the show. For years, writers have been trying to present a new concept that still remains faithful to the original, and they believe they’ve finally figured it out—Fuller House. According to Business Insider, the contract for this spin-off is for thirteen episodes and will feature the life of DJ Tanner and her young, growing family, Stephanie Tanner, and Kimmy Gibbler during adulthood. If you’re worried about missing out on the lives of other idolized characters, don’t lose hope just yet—most of the old cast is in the process of negotiations for appearing on the show, including Danny, Uncle Joey, and Aunt Becky.  Although Full House will always hold a special place in our hearts, it’s high time to usher in a new era. Be on the lookout for the new original Netflix series in 2016.



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