GCPC Goes On Vacation

Media by: Aaron Phillips
Written by: Stephanie Rodriguez Media by: Aaron Phillips
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Photo from Greenville College Band’s Facebook

Marching band is a type of performance art with the purpose of creating bonds leading to noteworthy moments among the members as they enjoy the thrill of entertaining others through musical ensembles and illusions shaped through drill and choreography. The Greenville College Panther Corps Marching Band, GCPC, implements all this and more while its members practice to provide striking performances. The theme this year is, “GCPC Goes on Vacation,” which includes four shows, beginning with Hawaii, then traveling to Europe, leading to a cruise ship and ending with a road trip down Route 66.

This year the band officers returned August 14 to prepare for band camp in which they discussed leadership roles and what they wanted the marching band to do differently this year or

Media by: Aaron Phillips
Media by: Aaron Phillips

what it should look like. Drum Major Caitlin Alverson stated, “We had an emphasis on ‘family’ last year but this year it is one of our main focuses. We want everyone to love being in band; we also want the GC community to love the band and as we continue on through the semester, I think they are going to see how great we are going to be. Musically we are ahead of last year’s band and I believe marching is as well. We learned an entire show in one Monday night rehearsal! Everyone’s positive attitude is what makes the band excel and it’s great. I’m really looking forward to serving the band as their drum major and I am ecstatic to witness what this talented group has in store!”

Band camp began August 16 at Mr. Fairbank’s house with a cook-out, which helps the band get to know one another. The days were filled with a packed schedule that began at 7:30 a.m. and finished around 10 p.m. Even though the week was filled with marching lessons, drill, music and choreography, there were several enjoyable moments that led the band to bond like a family.
Freshman Stefan Woods, from the brass section enthused, “GCPC has definitely helped with my transition by being a welcoming family to all.  During our first week as a team we created a special bond together to understand one another. As a member of the brass section, we have all grown from where we started just a few weeks ago as far as drill learning and memorizing our parts. Being a part of the GCPC has helped me settle in at my new home.”


GCPC performed Hawaii Five-O, the first song to Show 1, on August 22 for the Alumni Soccer Game. They were also a part of Greenville’s Bicentennial parade this past Sunday. Currently, the band practices on Mondays from 7 to 9:45 p.m. and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to4:45 p.m. The Auxiliary team supports the band by providing visual effects for the chosen songs of a recurring theme with flags, riffles, dance and batons.

Media by: Aaron Phillips
Media by: Aaron Phillips

When asked about her feelings towards GCPC, freshman Amber Knobloch, auxiliary member replied, “I think GCPC has given me a sense of belonging among the masses at GC. I have people who I can rely on when I feel alone and homesick. The Auxiliary [team] is doing pretty well, of course we are struggling, but that is to be expected for any team in the beginning. I love performing, it gives me a chance to not think of all of the other things  I have to do – I have an escape because nothing else matters in that moment. The choreography is much more difficult than anything I have done before, but that is something that is causing me to try harder. I think being pushed is so amazing when you get the encouragement and praise that is deserved.”
GCPC encourages the GC community to go and support the football team at the home games as they have several surprises for the audience. September 12 is the first football home game and the band will perform their first show with songs “Hawaii Five-O,” “Rude,” and “Surf.”
And as the GCPC motto goes,
Never give up,
Never back down,
Never lose faith.


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