The Man Bun- Fashion Friend or Fashion Foe?

Written by Juliana Bringer. Media by Mary Todd Christian.


“The Man Bun” is a trend recently sweeping through the men’s fashion world. What used to be a woman’s hairstyle is now for men both young and old. That’s right! Men aren’t just confined to ponytails anymore! From the chignon, sock, or just the regular flip bun, men are using a plethora of uniquely styled buns to enhance their look and keep their hair maintained and out of the way. However, despite it’s popularity, what do people really think about the Man Bun? Is it a fashion friend or is it a foe? Should the Man Bun stay or should stay or should it go? We went around Greenville’s campus to ask students and faculty what they thought about this new fashion trend. What do you think?


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