Why I Don’t Miss Television Anymore

Written by Juliana Bringer. Media by Mary Todd Christian.




Before coming to college, I used to watch a lot of television. I memorized all of the times of my favorite shows and rarely missed a week.

However, I soon had little access to a free television and was juggling homework with a social life. There wasn’t a lot of free time to turn on a television. I’m willing to bet I’m not the only person to experience this, especially while in college. Whenever I first started coming to Greenville College, I definitely missed watching my favorite shows at regular times. However, now I realize I don’t miss it at all. Let me tell you why.


1. Commercials

There are so many commercials! I can’t tell you how many commercials I’ve seen so many times that I can now quote them perfectly. The ridiculous jingles get stuck in your head, and the food commercials make you hungry even when you aren’t hungry at all. The medicine commercials are even worse. They can

be so awkward to watch, especially if they aren’t relevant to you. I realize commercials pay for  shows to be aired , however, the constant interruptions make it difficult to stay invested in a show. When I get involved in show, I like to stay involved. Commercials make it very difficult.


2. Netflix and Other Services

 Netflix , HuluPlus, and other online services make it easier to watch shows at a more convenient time. Sometimes, I’m in a meeting or going to Bible Study during the time one of my shows airs. So, having the option to watch TV on my own time is great. Shows are more accessible this way. Also, if you watch your show on the station’s website, you don’t have to worry about the ratings.


3. It Becomes Background Noise

Recently I’ve noticed that when I am able to watch television, I don’t actually pay attention to it. I use it as a background noise while I’m doing something else. Other people I know have said the same thing. It is hard to constantly pay attention to the television when concentrating on other things.



4. The Moral Compass Is No More

While seeing violence and sex can be entertaining, it also desensitizes us. Yes, I know I sound like a hypocrite writing this, I love a good fight scene. However, it warps our view of the world. We barely blink at a mention of someone hurting someone else. Instead of being shocked, we cheer it on. I am definitely guilty of this.


No matter how good our favorite TV shows are, is it worth watching television for countless hours with many interruptions and irrelevant commercials? Is it worth the desensitization? I don’t think so. Netflix helps me catch up on anything I miss.


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