Greenville Soccer Tops Blackburn

Written and Media by Jen Brakenhoff [divide]

The Greenville Men’s and Women’s soccer team traveled to Blackburn this weekend and both came back 2-0 in their conference record. It was a great way to start out conference play!

Image from Greenville College
Jacob Jones official Greenville College Soccer photo
Image from Greenville College

The men’s team had a bit of a rocky start by giving up a penalty kick in the 16th minute of the first half which lead to a goal. This did not bring down the Greenville men as they retaliated in the 30th minute when Jonny Madrid passed the ball to Edgar Bueno who capitalized on his opportunity and made the game even going into the second half.

The two teams remained even for the majority of the game although Greenville outshot Blackburn 17-3 overall.  The Greenville men were not satisfied with a 1-1 game and in the 77th minute, Madrid earned his second assist of the game by passing out wide to Jacob Jones who hit a one time shot that chipped the keeper and put Greenville ahead 2-1. “It was great being able to score the game winning goal in the closing stages of the game. It was a real team effort and we all fought hard even though we went down pretty early when we gave up a penalty kick. It’s hard to explain the feelings of relief and excitement, it’s always so surreal in the moment! But it’s awesome having all my teammates celebrating together,” quotes Jones. The Greenville Men’s soccer team earned their second conference win, giving them an overall record of 5-7.

The Greenville Women’s soccer team played a strong first half going against the wind outshooting Blackburn 21-2 but they were unable to capitalize on any of their opportunities. Going into the second half, the Greenville women looked eager to change the score.  In the 54th minute, Suzi Conner laid it off to Kency Lopez who took an advantage of the space outside the 18 yard box and earned Greenville a 1-0 lead. As the half went on, the ladies earned more chances and finally were able to capitalize for a second goal. Whitney Warner crossed the ball into the 18-yard box where she found Natty Hepburn ready to finish the opportunity. Natty earned her first collegiate soccer goal. Captain, Tymber Gabbert, said, “Going into the game I knew they were going to be a tough team to break down because they pack it in so much but I think we did a very good job working the ball around to create space for scoring opportunities.”  The Greenville Women’s soccer team earned their second conference win through a team effort to give them a record of 5-3-3.

Captain, Tymber Gabbert calling the shots on the field Image from Greenville Women's Soccer page
Captain, Tymber Gabbert calling the shots on the field
Image from Greenville Women’s Soccer page

Greenville Men and Women’s soccer teams take on Spalding at home this Thursday, October 8th at 5 and 7 pm. We hope to see everyone out there cheering them on to a 3rd conference win!


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