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Written by Lauren Buser. Media by Kelsey Neier.


Consider life a story of its own.  There are characters, plots, scenes, and a setting where it all takes place.  The only difference is it is real life, and all of these elements are determined by you and your environment.  Family farms and quaint country towns are just one of the many areas in which someone can reside and create their life story. In the article below, Greenville college students explain how they feel about growing up in a small town setting.

Our beautiful little campus. Source:
Our beautiful little campus. Source:

Annie Claire Bastien, a junior at Greenville College, has lived in DuQuoin, IL since middle school.  “Before I lived in DuQuoin, I lived in an even smaller town about 15 minutes away called Vergennes.  I like living in a small town because when tragedy strikes, it seems like everyone comes together to help one another.  It’s that kind of community that’s worth living in,” Annie Claire states.  She went on to say that small-town life can have it’s downsides as well.  “I think one thing that’s bad about living in a small town is there are limitations to all you do.  For example, jobs are hard to find and there aren’t as many.”

Location of Vergennes IL. Source:
Location of Vergennes IL. Source:

Brianna Anderson, also a junior, has lived in Geff since she was four.  She knows that she is a country girl inside and out.  She loves the peace and quiet, where she can go out and take four-wheeler rides on the road.  “There isn’t as much crime, and everyone knows everyone.”  All-in-all, Brianna loves the country lifestyle and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

“I love that I’m always surrounded by God’s beauty!  Nature is your playground.  My best memories were playing in the creek back by our house.  I loved sledding in the winter, fishing, sunsets, and starry nights.  I can definitely say, growing up on a farm has been the greatest blessing God has ever given me,”  Carrie Baker, a freshman, stated this as well as the fact that living in a small town means longer drives to places such as Walmart and such.  She has lived in Maquon, IL on her family farm for her entire life.  “The only downside to living on a family farm is that the work is never done.  The entire family puts in long days and even longer nights sometimes.”

A little further away, in Florida, lives Miguel Kronbach, a freshman as well.  In fact, his small town is actually on an island.  He states that it is also peaceful and almost everything is within walking distant.  He agrees with most saying everyone knows everyone, the extra plus side for him is that he has the beach not too far away.

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