A Tale as Old as Time at the Fox

Written by Rachel Jones. Media by Courtney Murphy.

A Disney lover’s dream comes to life as the classic “Beauty and the Beast” hits the stages of the Fox Theater this March. The production has been on Broadway for over 13 years, with a total of 5, 461 performances under its belt, making it the seventh longest-running Broadway musical following other classics like “Phantom of the Opera,” “Cats,” “Chicago” and “Les Miserables.”

For those who have sadly not had the privilege of watching Disney’s animated “Beauty and the Beast,” the story focuses on a young girl named Belle, whose tenacious and selfless spirit causes her to find herself imprisoned in a castle belonging to a hideous enchanted Beast. The plot leaps off from there as Belle and the Beast begin the process of getting to know and eventually falling in love with one another, with a little mischievous help from talking household objects. The relatability and multidimensionality of the characters, as well as the whimsical flair of the music causes viewers to come back again and again to the immortal musical.

Beauty and the Beast Cast.
Source: beautyandthebeastontour.com

A group of students from the junior class here at GC are planning on making the trek to the Fox in St. Louis on March 12. “I feel that it is a great opportunity to get out of Greenville and have some fun with friends,” says Leanna Westerhof, one of the juniors attending the show that Saturday. “I love going to the theater because it is a live production, and seeing the talent and hearing the music transports you to that world better than a movie can. There is something more exciting about watching people performing on a stage than sitting on your couch watching it on TV.”

Beast and Belle
Source: beautyandthebeastontour.com

The students that are attending the show for the junior class trip will be taking the finest of transportation vehicles—Vandalia Bus Lines charter buses. It is a golden opportunity for some students to dress up and have a fun night for a date, given the extravagant atmosphere of the Fox Theater and the romantic nature of the show.


Amy Disch, junior class president and one of the trip organizers, is also ecstatic to see the show, even though it is not her first time seeing “Beauty and the Beast” on stage. “I’m so excited to see this musical at the Fox Theatre,” says Disch. “I’ve seen it before, so I know that it’s a very exciting and colorful musical, and the Fox Theatre is a venue that is awe-inspiring. I’m so glad that we have the opportunity to expose Greenville College students to a fabulous musical performance at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. It’s not every day that college kids get to experience history and culture (and awesome music) in St. Louis. We also get to dress up really fancy… Always a plus.”

The Whole Cast on Stage
Source: beautyandthebeastontour.com

For those that are interested in attending Beauty and the Beast at the Fox Theater this March, you can purchase tickets and find show times at the Fox’s website. It may be too late to get on board with the junior class trip, but it’s never too late for “Beauty and the Beast.” It’s sure to be a great show, and anyone wishing to see the performance are encouraged to purchase tickets as soon as possible before they are sold out!



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