Beware: The Internetainers

Written by Tristin Campbell. Media by Courtney Murphy.

Rhett and Link

The internet is a dangerous place–we all know this. It lies, it distracts, and it steals. It steals the time and attention of millions of unsuspecting people every day, and I’m here to warn you about two of the biggest threats I have found in the vast depths of the internet. Their names are Rhett and Link. These two men are devilishly clever; they have constructed a perfect empire from which they rule the internet and take your time and attention every weekday morning (or if you’re like me, every morning, afternoon, and evening). Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III are lifelong best friends that meet in 1984 in the first grade at elementary school in Buies Creek, North Carolina. They began writing and filming together at the early age of fourteen, and it developed into a lifelong passion. Both men are very intelligent and earned degrees from North Carolina State University in respectable fields. Link earned a degree in Industrial Engineering, and Rhett earned a degree in Civil Engineering; however they were not content with the boredom of the daily grind and soon left those careers to once again pursue their passion: entertainment.
The two dabbled in commercial-making for a while before they started to consider a morning YouTube show. Their first attempt was a show called “Good Morning Chia Lincoln,” where they discussed news, entertainment, or just told stories from their lives. The names comes from the Abraham Lincoln Chia Pet head sitting on their desk. However they suffered a great loss when the Chia Pet died and they were forced to find a new idea.


Rhett and Link with a guitar.

They took a short break from the entertaining world in 2011 when both Rhett and Link packed up their wives and children and moved from North Carolina to Los Angeles. There the duo had all the resources they needed to launch “Good Mythical Morning” on January 9th, 2012.
This morning talk show looked very similar to their first attempt, but they added a few new things, such as the “Wheel of Mythicality”, where they had fans send in suggestions about how they should end the show each day. The suggestions were then written on a gameshow-style spinning wheel and would dictate at random how Rhett and Link signed off. The suggestions ranged from interpretive dancing to quirky role plays, and they have now become one of the main staples of the show.


Eventually, the series become so popular that Rhett and Link were able to hire the amazing “Mythical Crew” and the original YouTube channel has now evolved into full-blown business called “Mythical Entertainment.” The men are now self-proclaimed Internetainers, making Good Mythical Morning a huge threat to your free time.
Rhett and Link have a ridiculous sense of humor and are willing to do just about anything for the cause of entertainment. The best part is that they are family-friendly. Although at times it is apparent that the duo can have a warped sense of humor, they always keep it clean and wholesome for the show. They have several mini-series within the show itself, such as the “Will it?” series where they take several items (typically food) and ask if it will, such as, “Will it Pizza?”, “Will it Cookie?”, or “Will it Dumpling?”.
The main objective of these episodes is to make Link gag. They often succeed.

Rhett and LInk logo.


They have created some amazing things in the series, like steak-filled french toast, and bacon ice cream sandwiches, but they also have some very heinous creations in their food bank, such as blood-infused eggnog, and cod milt (Google it) dumplings. As you could imagine, the latter did not sit well with Link.


Terrible food challenges, getting waxed, taking ice baths, eating the world’s hottest pepper, eating pet food, trying yoga, and even becoming a mermen for a day–they do it all, so you don’t have to. This lovable duo has reached over 15 Million Subscribers between their four active YouTube channels, so beware, you could be next. Don’t fall for it, don’t give in, because once you click on that first video, you say goodbye to your freedom, your hobbies, and your life. Consider yourself warned.




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