Christian Comedians to Brighten Your Day

Media by Courtney Murphy.

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Courtney Murphy.


At this point in the semester, most of us could use a little comic relief. Unfortunately, most of the popular comedians today are so vulgar their humor is unrepeatable. Luckily there is a great alternative. Christian comedians offer hilarious jokes, songs, and stories that are clean and their routines often have great messages. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, these entertainers are sure to provide a laugh or two. Here are five of the best Christian comedians to watch on YouTube.

1. Tim Hawkins
Tim Hawkins is one of the biggest names in Christian comedy. He’s well-known for his song spoofs, but he also talks about religious subjects, homeschooling and his kids. If you’ve never heard of him or any other Christian comedians, his videos are a great place to start.

Tim Hawkins


2. Bob Smiley

Bob Smiley is adorably awkward and his stories are relatable and hilarious. For example, this video shares the struggle of interacting with your crush. He’s absolutely a family man, and many of his videos are about marriage and children, but he always includes a funny twist.

Bob Smiley


3. Chonda Pierce

Chonda Pierce is a perfect entertainer for all the women out there. She talks about real-life fashion mishaps and shares stories from her childhood. Her Southern charm makes her seem like an unlikely comedian, but her videos will make you and your friends laugh out loud.

Chonda Pierce


4. Michael Jr.

Michael Jr. is a bit different from most other Christian comedians. He wasn’t raised in the church, so some of his stories are about what it was like to start attending as an adult and try to figure things out. His “Pray With Your Neighbor” video shows how a common activity in the church might be a little interesting for someone who isn’t used to it. He also has an incredible talent for deadpanning through his whole performance which might actually make his jokes funnier.

Michael Jr.


5. Ken Davis

As Ken Davis says, “I don’t tell jokes, I tell stories.” But this classic Christian comedian has some stories that will make you cry from laughing too hard. He’s older than most of us, but he has a knack for making his humor hilarious to people of all ages. One of his best stories is about a time he stayed in a hotel with a bunch of mischievous teenagers. He’s been in the comedy game for years, so his videos are the perfect result of a lifetime of experiences.

Ken Davis

If any of these comedians made you laugh even a little, take some time to watch more of their videos. The great thing about them is they might teach you something, but you’ll hardly notice it over all the laughter.



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