Stumped by Trump

Written by Carrie Baker. Media by Kayla Morton.

donald trump

The bid for the presidential nomination is certainly in full swing as the 2016 primaries and caucuses are underway. While there are five total candidates duking it out in the race for the presidency, it’s clear that most of the attention seems to be focused on one candidate in particular, Donald J. Trump. Trump took the country by surprise last June when he formally announced his campaign for Presidency with the slogan, “Make America Great Again.” While the multi-billionaire surprised the country with this bold move, what may surprise voters is just how well Trump seems to be settling into this campaign. Though his opinions on issues are loud and aggressive and his presence in the media is a tad overwhelming, the delegate votes seem to be favoring Trump. Is Trump simply doing things right, or are the American people doing something very wrong?

1. He’s opinionated.

To some, this may seem like a pretty vague statement, but it appears to be just what the people think they need at this point. An article breaking down “Trump Talk” states that “to his supporters, Trump’s style is refreshingly direct.” Voters like that Trump speaks his mind. They are tired of wish washy views of politicians who are afraid to speak their mind and take a clear stand on issues until they become president. They want to know what they are getting into ahead of time. That is why Trump’s loud, sometimes offensive language seems to be working.

The only problem is that Trump’s opinions may be nothing more than…opinions.  Even though Trump claims that he isn’t an “All talk, no action” politician, a look at his political portfolio may tell you different. Trump’s aggressive position on political issues is apparent, but his plan of action is disappointing and nearly nonexistent. While Americans may be excited to jump on board with Trump’s combative reform, he offers no clear way to fulfill his empty promises to his constituents.

donald trump

2. He’s confident

If Trump is good at one thing, it’s talking about himself. Of course, no one can dispute the fact that Trump is a successful guy. He is a strong, persuasive businessman who knows what he wants and does whatever it takes to get that. This go-to leadership looks very promising for America’s future, especially in this economic crisis.

Trump may be a little too confident for his own good, however. In fact, the better terminology may be cocky. His success has made his reputation untouchable; no one wants to contest him, until now. Trump has realized that once you enter the Presidential Race, everyone is fair game. He’s shown the media he’s not too comfortable on the other side of the attacks and throws out vulgar insults whenever he feels threatened. His personal attacks on opponent Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, and Fox debate moderator Megyn Kelly have been forefront in the media lately.

3. He’s unlike any candidate…ever

The consensus is that American people are tired of American politics. They are fed up with corrupt government officials, tired of poor leadership, and desperate for change. That is why the Obama, “Change We Can Believe In” campaign did so well in the 2008 race. In the face of unfulfilled promises, different can be refreshing. Donald Trump is definitely different than President Obama, and any other candidate in history for that matter.

The promise of change and reform is appealing to struggling Americans. He is a successful, unwavering businessman who speaks his mind when others won’t. Trump is different. But further research uncovers the holes in his powerful façade. The American people need experience, compassion and leadership that will benefit America for everyone fighting towards “The American Dream.” His weak political platform, lack of empathy for all of humanity and inability to analyze and reform his strategies for the greater good make it very hard to picture Mr. Trump as POTUS. Trump’s success in the political field thus far is puzzling. But if there is anything I’ve learned throughout the presidential race of 2016, anything is possible.


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