So Long, Farewell
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Written by Megan Burns. Media by Baylen Whitfield.


“So long, farewell auf wiedersehen,
adieu, adieu, adieu, to you and you and you.”
The end is creeping closer, and it is time to say your goodbyes. Whether you
are finishing your first year, or you are ironing your gown and trying on your cap, there are a few things to do before May 19th. So many of our alumni reminisce on these times as bittersweet. They have pulled all-nighters before finals, hugged a good friend a little longer than normal, and closed their dorm door for the last time. Here is what a few have to say about the end.

Image by Megan Burns

Sarah Beth Janes: “Take pictures/videos. Make sure to tell various professors/staff/res lifers/cafeteria workers how much you appreciate them. Get one hoodie/article of clothing that you LOVE that has Greenville College on it. Group hugs. Pray together.”

Nichole Graham: “Eat all of the Mario’s pizza. Get a large fountain Ski from Motto Mart, because you’ll miss Ski and bottles/cans just aren’t the same. Ask your favorite prof to grab coffee at Jo’s. Go visit the place you & your friends hung out one last time- for me, this was an old fire escape and the docks at the lake”

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Image by Megan Burns

Maria Rodriguez: “Go to Pokie’s late at night with friends. Go to a Card’s game. Give Alisa a huge hug for all the wonderful things she does for the campus.”

Christina Smerick: “I would definitely go with my friends to the City Museum, and go to Lu-Bob’s at midnight for omelets.”

Our professors really do a lot for us. Take a minute to meet with your favorite professors. Whether they helped you survive your freshman year or walked you through your thesis, thank them. Tell them how greatly they have impacted your life, and how much you appreciate them. Let them know how they have made you a better person and student. John Brittingham explained to me how we fall into a rhythm, and become comfortable in that. When we leave for summer or graduate, our rhythm changes. But, it will be okay because we will find a new rhythm.

“So how do you say goodbye? You don’t. You say, see you later because
more than likely this is true. When you graduate you say goodbye because it is more than likely true that you will not see many of these people who have become a part of your daily rhythm. You realize that the friendships you form in college are those that will potentially from you for the rest of your life. But friendship is not a given. Friendship takes work, effort, sometimes even discipline. It also takes patience. But if you are willing to do that work you have a chance to maintain and even grow these really awesome relationships that will last far longer than your time together at college.”

 To everyone saying goodbye, Brittingham’s advice is to make sure you  have everyone’s email because friendship takes work. Whether you have three years left or two weeks left, it is never too late to make memories. Show your gratitude to everyone around you. People love to see the impact they have made in your life, so share this over coffee or in a note. Sometimes we get too busy wishing away our lives. We start by wanting t to be tomorrow, then Friday, then summer, and before you know it, college is over. Take time to appreciate the community you are in and the people that care and love for you.
“Regretfully they tell us but firmly they compel us, to say goodbye to you.
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye
I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye.”



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