Candy Corn Season!

Photo by Lauren Buser

Writing and Media by Lauren Buser.

Nothing beats when the seasons change, when the leaves begin to fall and pumpkins appear everywhere! Halloween is almost here and the best part about Halloween is the candy! Candy corn has been a household favorite for years. But what makes candy corn so special?


Image from CandyFavorites
Image from CandyFavorites

A Little History

In the 1880s, a man by the name of George Renninger created candy corn.  At the end of the 20th century, one candy company made candy corn popular and mass produced it for the first time.  This company would later become Jelly Belly Candy Co.


Fun Fact:  Candy Corn was originally named “Chicken Feed”.  This is probably why it is still considered “corn”.


What the Heck is it?!

Photo by Lauren Buser
Photo by Lauren Buser

As most people could guess, candy corn is made with lots of sugar and corn syrup.  But candy corn is a mix of sugars and fondant, the smooth layer of icing that you put over cakes.  There are also ingredients like vanilla flavoring and marshmallow fluff!  In some brands, like Branch’s, they use real honey to produce the sweetness of their candy corn.


5 Things you Didn’t Know About Candy Corn


A Nine-Year-Old’s Perspective

Luke Buser, age nine, had some opinions about candy corn.  He did an interview with us to explain his thoughts on this treat.

Make Homemade Candy Corn!


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