Best and Worst of DC TV


Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Alli Haug.

In the past few years, DC Comics designed a handful of shows to bring classic characters to life and captivate viewers with dark and action-filled plots. Has it worked?

Arrow” is one of their most popular shows. It’s based on the character Oliver Queen, also known as “Green Arrow.” Described by DC Comics as a “modern-day Robin Hood”, the billionaire is stranded on a remote island where he learns how to survive and fight. He eventually makes it back home and takes down criminals in his city.


Greenville College student, Josh Baker, shared his thoughts about some DC shows. In “Arrow”, he felt the first season had solid characters and a good plot but the melodrama was a little too much. He added, “

Season 2 of ‘Arrow’ was the best that DC TV has to offer. The villain was played just right in the present and past timelines… The characters were at their best this season and the plot kept me on the edge of my seat. The emotional drama was hard-hitting and the melodrama was turned down compared to other seasons.”

In regards to the third season, overall, Baker was unimpressed by the plot. However, he did say

there were some new characters like Ray Palmer/The Atom who helped the action be more unique, which was a nice change of pace.

Arrow” is now in its fifth season but Baker reached a stopping point after the fourth season. He summed up the issues with the show:

Recycled character arcs? Check. Stale action? Check. Mishandling of the villain? Check. Melodrama? Easily the worst of any CW show thus far.”

Baker certainly outlined the show’s weaknesses but he still encourages people to watch it for themselves: “

Overall, ‘Arrow’ is a really good show and I would recommend it. If you quit after season 2 I wouldn’t blame you, though.” 



Barry Allen, “The Flash”, was introduced during the second season of “Arrow” and now has his own show. It frequently crosses over with “Arrow” and other DC shows.

An accident in Allen’s lab causes him to be struck by lightning. Nine months later he wakes up from a coma and his scientist friends realize that he can run at superhuman speed. He uses that ability to take down people who received powers from the same incident but uses them in an evil way.

Compared to “Arrow,” “The Flash has a lighter tone but still tackles many tricky and emotional topics.




Supergirl is one of the more underrated DC heroes. This new show dives into the life of Kara Danvers, Superman’s cousin. Baker commented on the show’s similarity to the Flash:

The characters are enjoyable and their arcs are pretty good. The plot is good enough for this genre and includes some great plot twists and gutsy moves that many light-hearted superhero shows normally avoid, and it works… Sadly, this show also suffers from melodrama.”

So how do these DC shows hold up against their biggest competition, Marvel? Greenville College student, Ben Casey, stated his opinion:

I’m not a huge fan of DC shows because they seem a bit cheaper than the Marvel shows. I don’t have time to watch that much TV so I commit to what looks better to me.”

While Marvel might also be dark and melodramatic, the overall quality of shows like “Daredevil” and “Agents of Shield” tend to trump what DC creates.

DC shows might not be wildly popular with all viewers but they are worth checking out if you enjoy superheroes and drama. Before you decide whether to add them to your Netflix list, take a look at some behind the scenes laughs in this “Arrow” blooper reel.



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