GC Athlete of the Week: Edgar Bueno

Written and Media by Danny Strohm.

Edgar Bueno in action. Source: greenville.edu

This week’s athlete of the week is Greenville College Men’s soccer player, Edgar Bueno. Bueno led the Panthers offensive attack with seven goals and an assist in the 2016 season. Bueno’s successful sophomore season earned him SLIAC first team all-conference honors. He has high hopes for next season, saying “we want to bring our foundation together and win a conference championship”.

Bueno is a biology major but is taking prerequisites for dental school. After college, he hopes to either get into medical school or pursue a Masters to eventually become a kid’s dentist. Bueno’s work ethic comes from his dad who grew up with nothing and has overcome that to successfully raise three boys.

Check out the podcast below to learn more about Bueno’s path to Greenville College and more.



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