No More ‘Dos a Cero’

USA vs. Mexico

Written and Media by: Alex Carie


USA vs Mexico, one of the biggest international rivalries of all time, played once again in Columbus, Ohio.

The match between the United States National soccer team and the Mexican National soccer team has grown to mean a lot to both countries. To understand the importance of this game, we must first understand the history between the two teams. The teams first met back in 1936 at Stadia Nazionale in Rome, Italy, in a qualifying match for the 1934 World Cup in which the USMNT was able to pull off a 4-2 win.

Mexico fouls Fabian Johnson

Even though the United States won the first matchup, Mexico has controlled the series with a dominating record of thirty-eight wins, eighteen losses, and fourteen ties. However, most American soccer fans focus on the 1990-1999 years where the United States suffered only six losses to Mexico. Since 2000, Mexico has only beaten the United States six times, while the United States has won thirteen times in that time span.

Columbus, Ohio, has also become a hot spot for the rivalry. When people think of the USA playing Mexico in Columbus, the famous term ‘Dos a Cero’ , ‘two to zero’ in English, seems to creep into their minds. This score line is the pride of the U.S. as the last four times the two teams have met in Columbus, the USMNT was able to put two goals into the back of the net and keep a clean sheet. These games have been monumental for the growth of this heated rivalry.

USA & Mexico Flag

The first ‘Dos a Cero’ game took place in 2002 when the USA beat Mexico in the round of sixteen to put the USA in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. This game opened the gate for the 2-0 wins. The 2005, 2009, and 2013 World Cup Qualifying games between the two teams in Columbus, Ohio, all saw the same score line. The success of the current U.S. soccer teams has caused a large increase in the interest of the sport across the country and Columbus is one of the cities that shows a huge interest in the sport. Although it has grown tremendously over the years, Mexico still has the upper hand when it comes to the popularity of the sport as soccer is known as their “nation’s sport.”

USA Fans in Columbus

Unfortunately, the Columbus stronghold was not able to withstand the U.S. vs. Mexico matchup on Friday, November 11. The United States gave up a late corner kick for a goal with only one minute remaining in the game. The worst part about the loss is for the USMNT was where the fingers were pointed after the game. Backup goalkeeper, Brad Guzan, who entered the game in the second half after starting goalkeeper, Tim Howard suffered a groin injury, immediately put the blame on defender John Brooks and forward Jozy Altidore in a post game interview with Sports Center. In turn, the longtime midfielder put the blame on lack of understanding the philosophy of the game. Even coach Jurgan Klinsmann singled out defender John Brooks for this mistake and also the formation that they were playing in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

This is something that the United States is going to have to figure out before their next match tomorrow on Tuesday, November 15. They are set to play at Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica which has proven to be a very tough place for the United States to get a win as they have a record of eight wins and one draw. The game is set to kickoff at 7:05 PM ET on Fox Sports 1.


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