Quantity or Quality

Photo by Kimberly Buser

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The choice between quantity and quality of a product is easy to see in our everyday lives. Many, however, overlook the choice of quantity or quality of life. Americans are stressed out because quantity has taken precedence over quality. The question is, if we choose to accept this thought of enjoying the quality of life, will that deter from our ability to work hard?

Photo by Lauren Buser
Photo by Lauren Buser

Quality or Quantity

We work to get money in order to relieve financial stress from the rest of our lives. However, when we work so much without taking days off, the quality of our work goes down. This is justification for the question, will the quality of life deter us from the quality of hard work? Or if we continue to work so hard and let stress levels rise, will the quantity of life deter us from the quality of work, thus making us need to work more?



Quantity of Life

Americans generally live a life of quantity. It has been this way for decades and, as a country, we’ve always been commended for our hard work. Derek Greifzu, a Junior at Greenville College, feels that when you work constantly and take few breaks, while you may be getting quantity, your quality of work will decrease. Derrek is not the only one that feels this way. Many believe that becoming burnt out at our jobs is what holds America back, causing more stress and anxiety in our day to day lives.

Quality of Life

Photo by UCA
Photo by UCA

Deja Sawyer, a social work major at Greenville College states, “getting all the things you need may relieve you of stress. But when you never get any wants in life, you will eventually become unhappy and, in turn, get stressed out.” Americans are losing their ability to shamelessly take time off. There is a constant fear of being replaced, missing out, or being treated unfairly by authority. But many think there is nothing to fear. “Taking more days to yourself throughout a given year would make you work harder. I think that seeing the people you are working to support will encourage you to keep going and work harder,” explains Marisa Lovato, senior at GC. Many also believe that enjoying quality over quantity will cause fewer burnouts creating harder work.

Photo by Lauren Buser
Photo by Lauren Buser

Stressing in America

Many Americans work a typical 8-hour shift five days a week. While this seems normal to us, it is compelling to hear Europeans work 19% less than Americans. If you have ever been to Europe, you’ll notice the quality of life through the detail of architecture, the display of shops, and the strangely relaxed atmosphere, even of the cities. According to the American Psychological Association, 44% of Americans believe their stress has increased within the past five years. Stress not only causes mental symptoms but also physical symptoms. Headaches, insomnia, and digestive problems are just a few of the dilemmas you can run into. When you’re stressed, you have less quality in your own self-care.

So What’s the Problem

It’s easy to list off the typical stressors in our lives, money, work, responsibilities, health, but recent studies have shown that a lack of willpower is also to blame. In order to create a better you and to get out of a tunnel of stress, you have to have a strong power of will.

Overall, it is your decision to have a balance of quantity and quality. Remember that life is something you don’t want to miss out on and it is okay to take breaks! With the holiday season approaching fast, remember what means the most to you and make sure to tend to your quality of life while making your quantity of life.


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