Some Words from Some Alums

Written by Lauren Buser. Media by Ben Isaacs.

Greenville College alumni, Ali Lund and Adam Curry, spoke of their successes since graduating from Greenville College. On Friday, they shared some advice, some stories, and some big news! Both Ali and Adam graduated as music majors, Ali two years ago and Adam just this past year.

Stepping out of Greenville

Ali Lund speaks about her transition out of college. Photo by Ben Isaacs.

“Before Greenville, I had never left Colorado,” confessed Ali. She and Adam explained how important Greenville College was to them and their paths in life. Ali longed to be a fifth-year senior, she loved it so much. Adam, on the other hand, was ready to get out. It wasn’t until the following school year that he realized how much he missed it. He stated, “You’ll graduate and sometime around October, you’ll start to miss people.”


Ali graduated and couldn’t find a job directly out of college in her profession. In fact, she spoke of how she sold Coach handbags in a mall for a while. Although she was discouraged, God knew what he was doing. “I had the opportunity to witness to one of the girls that worked there with me and it was an amazing experience,” Ali says. She found herself going off to Minnesota to get her career. “Sometimes you just have to sell some handbags before your calling comes,” she said. Leaving, however, was a difficult task as she and Adam had just gotten into a relationship. She struggled with the call. But, she told listeners that if you’re called there’s a reason and you should go.

Adam Curry tells the story of how he first met Ali. Photo by Ben Isaacs.

Some Big News

These two have been a couple for around 16 months now and knew each other long before then. Adam told listeners, “I walked into my first class as a freshman, COR 101, and there Ali was.  She was my teacher’s assistant!” As funny as this sounds, this is how they met. From then on they were very close, even working with the same worship team. They started dating after she graduated, making the relationship long distance, and even longer distance when Ali landed the job at a church in Minnesota. After the struggle of long distance for these past 16 months, they were very excited to announce to Greenville College that they’re engaged! They were engaged just last Tuesday.

Having Faith

Adam and Ali, both music majors out of Greenville College, lead worship for the church. Photo by Ben Isaacs.

These previous students of Greenville College were very excited to give current students such advice. The last question that was asked of them was how they stayed connected with Christ through all of these trials. Adam responded with the advice of finding a quiet place. “Being part of a band, I’m constantly bombarded with sound.” He explained the power he found in silence because what he is normally surrounded with isn’t there. It’s a relief from distraction. As for Ali, she has found great assurance in having a mentor. She believes that there is value in people, scripture, and prayer. “It’s wonderful to have someone that you can share with and they can give you advice,” she says.

Adam Curry and future Ali Curry were so grateful to be asked to come back and share some advice with current students. It is important to have success stories like theirs ring back to current students as hope, and to faculty who helped to mentor and shape them for four years of their lives.


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