Coach Profile: Joshua Flannery

Written and Media by Ransom Cochrane.

Every person has a journey and every journey is unique. Many people never get the chance to broadcast themselves: to show their struggles or their strengths.  People share their feelings and experiences differently. Coach Flannery, this week’s Coach Profile, does a very good job at expressing these feelings. Flannery stands tall to what he likes and wants. Flannery attended Greenville College and graduated only a few years ago, but you can hear it from him.

Coach Flannery and his wife Abby Flannery Provided by Flannery

Flannery is the Offensive Coordinator for Greenville College, and he is a good coach with great discipline. Players on the opposite side of the ball do not interact with Flannery like those on offense, but when you get to talk and interact with him you will come to realize how great of a man and coach he is. Flannery is a father to two boys and has been married for eight years. He is very knowledgeable about football, being a dad, and with the Lord. He can always provide the right encouragement, great advice, and put you down the path of success.

Flannery is not afraid to get his point across on the field. When he coaches the wide receivers, Flannery always pushes them to their maximum potential. Greenville’s wide receivers are some of the most disciplined, and in shape players on the field due to the teaching from Flannery. He knows the game and can pick it apart to make Greenville successful on the field. Flannery has had great experiences being in Greenville and being a part of Greenville College Football. He does not expect to leave the Panthers and hopes to bring them to the fullest potential. If you see Flannery around town or at Greenville College shoot him a wave, he is very friendly and will put a smile on your face. He is a great man, father, and coach. Hear what Flannery has to say about himself and how he ended up at Greenville!


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