Intramural Madness

Written and Media by Joshua Robinson.

The intramural basketball season is winding down and the playoffs are near. Some teams have been sent home and some teams survived the wildcard games. But they all know that only four teams will be able to participate in the playoffs. The past week’s games have been pretty interesting and exciting. Just like last month’s March Madness, there were some upsets, some close games, and there were some blowouts. But, at the end of the day, intramural basketball is all about fun!

The first game was the 0-76ers versus the Socs. This was a very close game to watch, for the 0-76ers were on a 2 game win streak. The Socs were up by 10 points in the first half: 26-16. In the second half, Josh Herric of the 0-76ers took over and scored a majority of the points for his team to climb them all the way to the top of the scoreboard. With 3 minutes left in the game, Herric scored two threes to give the 0-76ers a two point lead in the game. The final score of the game was 35-33. Even though they won’t be able to make an appearance in the playoffs, they still had fun playing this season.

Josh Herric tries to cross the defender. Source: photo taken by: Josh Robinson

The next game was Chain Reaction versus the Fishing Team. This was a pretty interesting game to watch. It was pretty much of a defensive game. The ball went back n forth, steal after steal, rebound after rebound. But only one team came out on top. It was neck n’ neck at the end of the first half; the score was 20-20. During the second half, Sean Pomales of the Fishing Team took control of the whole game and led his team to victory. The game ended with the score: 45-49.

Brock Bullar dribbles the bar down the court. Source: Photo taken by Josh Robinson

The 9 o’clock primetime games were very exciting. The first game to start the night off was the Ball Stars versus Ballocaust. This game determined if the Ball Stars could clinch the playoff berth. If they’d lost to Ballocaust, then they would have to have a shootout against the Fishing Team. The game started off pretty exciting, with point guard of the Ballocaust, Brock Bullar, shot a three-pointer to put the first points up on the board. That didn’t stop the Ball Stars. Their point guard, Tucker Tompkins, responded back with a three of his own. It was a back n forth shootout between the two teams, but the Ball Stars were able to play past Ballocaust for the rest of the game. The game ended with the score being 51-41. Because of this, the Ball Stars clinched a spot in the Intramural tournament.

Another game that people were waiting to see was CO$ versus the Money Team. Both of these undefeated teams already have their spots secured in the tournament, but the people still want to see them play against each other to see which one was the better squad. The game started off pretty close, then the Money Team had taken control of the entire game. Michael Carie had put the team on his back and blew past CO$. The score ended up to become 41-26 and the Money Team still remains undefeated.

Holden Butler shoots a three pointer to extend the league. Source: Photo by Josh Robinson

The playoff bracket will include these four teams: CO$, The Coaches, Money Team, and the Ball Stars.


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