The Dossett Comeback

Photo by: Greenville College Men's Soccer

Written and Media by Allyson Mitchell.

The Greenville Men’s Soccer team ended their conference season 3-3-3 this past fall unsatisfied. The coaching staff knew they wanted to add another factor to the table and Monday, February 6th, their wish came true. Davis Dossett, former GC panther joined the coaching staff as a graduate assistant. Dossett left his home in Orlando, FL to come help out the panthers.

Photo by: Greenville Men’s Soccer

Dossett, a Criminal Justice graduate of 2014 played four years of Greenville Soccer and realized he missed being involved at the collegiate level. He coached a U-17 boy’s team for the club Clermont FC and the boy’s varsity team at Olympia high school. Dossett missed the competitive style of play and contacted the Women’s head coach Jeff Wardlaw to see if there was any opening at his alma mater. Wardlaw then directed him to Chris Swift, the Men’s head coach, and the interview process began.

Amongst his passion and love for soccer, Dossett is passionate about his Christian faith.  His background in helping juvenile youth has led him to develop a personal relationship with Christ. He is excited to get to know the guys on the team in hopes of having the program impact them in a similar way to the impact it had on his life.

Dossett is working alongside one of his college best friends, Mark Ward. He mentioned his transition back has been smooth with the help of Ward. He has enjoyed returning to Greenville’s campus and reminiscing on his college memories.  Dossett and Ward are responsible for recruiting potential athletes for the soccer program. They stay in contact with them, put together their visits and sell their program once they are on campus.

Photo by: Allyson Mitchell

Listen below to hear more about Dossett, as he explains his journey back to Greenville and his excitement to be involved with the men’s soccer program.




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