See You Later Folks!

Written and Media by Paige Lunde.

Hello, all! As most of you know, Greenville College’s 2017 spring semester is coming to an end very soon. We know, we know; it’s very sad. There’s going to be a lot of tears from you all and too much pizza (I take that back, there is never too much pizza. In fact, I’m going to go order some now). But not to fear! We are coming back very soon, in fact, in August! *cue cheering*

There, now that we have that out of the way, let’s introduce some new additions. Many of you know that coming in September of this fall, Greenville College is becoming Greenville University (exciting, I know). And with that change, your favorite source of news, Greenville’s very own Papyrus, is changing as well. We have new staff members, soon a new logo, and probably a new name that is more appropriate for the change. So let’s meet the new staff.


The fabulous Erin Lobner. Photo by Erin Lobner.

Erin Lobner

Erin is the new Co-Chief Editor.

She loves scary movies and superhero movies.

50/50 Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Dreams of owning a chinchilla and riding in a hot air balloon.

Addicted to cheese. Send help.

Special Education major, hoping to teach middle or high school.

Has too many adult coloring books.

Has three little brothers who are actually really chill.

Favorite quote: “What is done in love is done well.” –Vincent van Gogh

Second favorite quote: “My heart just pooped its pants.” –Tina Belcher.


Maggie and her cat. Photo by Maggie Schoepke.

Maggie Shoepke

Maggie is also the Co-Chief Editor.

Cats are her thing.

Maggie enjoys writing, reading, and drawing in her free time.

She is secretly a 70-year-old crazy cat lady.

Any kind of hot tea is considered her favorite beverage

(so if you want to get on her good side, bring her some tea).

She loves exploring her faith, photography, and Japanese culture.

She is not a big fan of water striders, the color orange, or heights.



Paige and her cat. Photo by Paige Lunde.

Paige Lunde

Paige is the new Digital Media Editor. (Hey, that’s me.)

Disney is where she actually lives, not in Thompsonville.

If she could talk to animals, the first thing she would do is talk to a giraffe and ask them how the weather is.

For her Senior photo in high school, she really wanted her cat and dog to be in them, but sadly only her dog barely cooperated.

Loves food and could probably eat all day if her stomach allowed her to.

Her hobby is putting people’s heads on top of random things or switching their bodies.

Could happily read any book in a short period of time.

Is very accident-prone and can/will bruise easily.

Probably has more superhero-themed shirts than regular ones.

Chris Pratt is her spirit animal.


Nathan Craig on National Nathan Day. Photo by Paige Lunde.

Nathan Craig

Nathan is the new and first Facebook Live Director.

Nathan is a die hard Cardinals fan (You will find him in a Cardinals shirt 75% of the time).

He has helped make and lead a worship service at his church.

Disney and naps are his favorite things, after the Cardinals and his dog.

Food and coffee are the way to his heart.

He gets a lot of free stuff.

He drops everything and his heart melts if he sees a dog.

Phoenix (his dog) is the #1 best thing in the entire world.

Paige is his movie buddy.

Nathan has a National Day (see picture).

He actually lives in Kaufmann.

Nathan also has a wolf pack and they are his best friends.

Robert Downey Jr. is his spirit animal.

His friend, Tawnie Kozora, is better friends with his inner goddess, Natalia.


Kalynn Pierce. Photo by Kalynn Pierce.

Kalynn Pierce (Known as ‘KP’ to most)

KP is the new Social Media Director.

KP used to be a competitive archer.

She has a cat that is probably treated better than most humans (as they should be).

She lifts weights and runs to keep in shape.

She can lick her elbow.

Her family is the world to her.

KP absolutely hates spiders and octopi.

Photography is her favorite hobby.

When she is not working out or doing work, she’s most likely napping or finding some place to eat. She loves food.

Her major is DM and she is a senior.


So don’t worry faithful followers/readers! We are only taking a short break (hallelujah, summer break!!) and then we will be back to creating new articles for you all to read. Stay tuned!




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