20 Things To Do in Greenville

Written by Christina Bowman. Media by Momoka Murata.

Greenville University students are always looking for new things to do on and off campus. While it can be hard to think of something on the spot, there are more options out there than you typically may be able to come up with. Some options may seem obvious, yet many of them often forgotten.

Here is a list of 20 things to do in Greenville:

  1. Hang your hammock between Janssen and Snyder. This one of the best places on campus to do so.

    Game spot in the Upper Union
    by Momoka M
  2. Take a hike through the Gullies.
  3. Have a movie night.
  4. Go to Patriot’s Park to have a picnic, fish, or just to hang out.
  5. Go to a coffee shop. Jo’s Java is on campus, but there is also Adam Bros and the Corner Cafe in the square.
  6. Go to the gym. Take advantage of the free membership we are provided with and head to the Annex.
  7. Play games in the Upper Union. Besides ping-pong, foosball, and pool, it is a great place to get together with friends and play board games. It’s also open 24 hours.
  8. Go out to eat. Some of the best places in Greenville include Kahuna’s, Lu Bob’s, Corner Cafe, Adam Bros, Los Amigos, Hibachi’s, Mario’s, and Joe’s Pizza.
  9. Globe Theater
    by Momoka M

    Go to the movie theater. The Globe in Greenville is an obvious option because of its close proximity to campus. If you are looking for an excellent deal, though, you can also check out The Orpheum in Hillsboro where the movie, popcorn, and soda all cost you $7.

  10. Go to the thrift shop. There are also several antique stores on the square that are open throughout the week.
  11. Go to Insomnia Cookies. This is on The Loop in St. Louis but is a super fun tradition several Greenville students have made by going at random times late at night.
  12. Go to home sporting events. There is always a sport in season and schedules are often sent via email to keep students updated.
  13. Have a bonfire. There is a fire put by Burritt and another near the Gullies that are always available for you to use.
  14. Take a night drive and stargaze.

    Hibachi’s in Greenville
    by Momoka M
  15. Play frisbee or kickball on Scott Field.
  16. Go to Blackroom shows. These are every Tuesday night and are usually a band or solo artist from campus. There are also open mic nights occasionally.
  17. Go to Joyous Chaos Improv shows. There are a few of these every semester on Friday nights in LaDue auditorium; come out this Friday night!
  18. Go to Carlyle Lake. It is only a 25-minute drive from Greenville and you can swim, canoe, or have a picnic with friends.
  19. Go to the skate park. It is about a mile southwest of campus.
  20. Go to townie soccer. People of all levels of experience play soccer every Sunday and Wednesday night in the Rec Center.

The longer you are on campus, the longer list you will accumulate. Regardless, there is always some kind of fun to be had!


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