Making it Big on a Small Campus

Joyous Chaos Photo by: Greenville University

Written by Paige Stanley. Media by Allyson Mitchell.

Ever lay awake in bed dreaming of making it big time? Whether you are a singer, comedian, photographer, or host a weekly podcast, you might just have a shot with the Greenville University Entertainment Co!

ENTco’s name might be new to campus, but the company’s services have actually been available for some time, expanding over the last few years. ENTco currently offers services in Artist Management, Event Management, Strategic Marketing and Promotion, Booking, Tour Management, and Product/Project Management. It was the official transition from GC to GU that seemed the best timing for an official launch of what has grown into a full-service entertainment company.

ENTco’s fresh spin on what the modern day record label looks like is a great representation of the types of companies currently fueling the Music and Entertainment Industries. The self-propelled staff, who write that they “love music, art, design, movies, Dad jokes, and each other” are grateful for the tangible and resume-building experiences ENTco provides. These opportunities make the company a perfect representation of what a GU education offers far beyond the books.  It is also one example of expanding GU’s Experience First program.

“GU’s Experience First initiative has grown from its original COR 401 (now UNIV 401) pilot project option,” says Danara Moore, Experience First Director.  Moore says that this semester alone, Experience First launched eight high stakes capstone projects, has its own curricular sequence within the business school, and is adding co-curricular options like ENTco. Moore, who is also head of GU’s Music Business Program and has loads of music industry experience herself, is excited to add the company to the Experience First program.

ENTco’s goal, beyond the experience it provides, is to support others and help them develop into something great. The members of ENTco truly want to see you succeed and will do everything they can to help. Working together and collaborating is more than a strongly held priority.  ENTco’s mission statement points to something deeper. “We believe that something sacred happens when we work together to create, build, and use our unique gifts to their fullest. Ultimately we know that the best way to do anything great is to do it together.”

Ben Isaacs is a member of Said the Walrus, a band who recently signed with ENTco.  Their promoting process kicked off a couple of weeks ago with a photo-shoot (keep an eye out for that). Isaacs is really looking forward to working with the company and says that, “We have a lot of ideas and ENTco gives us the resources to make those ideas a reality.”  Said the Walrus is also hopeful the group will help with connections both inside and outside of Greenville.

ENTco. Program
Photo by: GU Music Business

ENTco currently holds regular offices hours, has company meetings twice a week, and wants to talk with anyone who is interested in learning more. Whether you are curious about opportunities in working on the label/agency side or hoping to be a represented by them, do not be afraid to introduce yourself! They want to know what you have got going on and this is the group you definitely want on your side.

ENTco currently represents four musical and two comedy acts (including our very own Joyous Chaos) as well as events all over campus. They also have an outside advisory of industry professionals such as Dan Beck, Ryan Lampa, and Warren Pettit. To see their roster, calendar and to connect directly, visit their Facebook page at


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