Track and Field Profile: L.C. Washington

Source: Photo by Mitchell Hooten

Written and Media by Mitchell Hooten

There are many track athletes in the track and field world that are able to do multiple events, but some may not be the best in all of them. Then there are those special athletes who are good at multiple events. One of those athletes is junior thrower L.C. Washington. Washington is good in all his events which are the shot put, discus throw, hammer throw and, at one point, the javelin throw, too.

Washington is so good at these events that last season he qualified for indoor and outdoor Christian Nationals. He competed in events in the weight throw and shot put for the indoor season while also qualifying for shot put, discus throw, and the hammer throw for the outdoor season. Just from this, you can tell how good a thrower and how valuable an asset he is for the Greenville Track and Field Team. But Washington isn’t only a good athlete–he is also a great teammate and friend to his teammates.

Source: Facebook. L.C. Washington releasing a big throw in the shot put

In Washington’s career at Greenville, he has been a huge asset to the track and field team, helping the team get valuable points at meets and being an all-around good athlete and person in his past two seasons.

His accomplishments include qualifying for Christian Nationals for the indoor and outdoor in every season he’s competed in. Other accomplishments that he’s achieved are placing in the top three in the shot put, discus and the hammer throw at the Outdoor SLIAC Track and Field Championships this past season. Washington finished in the top eight in both the weight throw and the shot put at the 2017 Indoor Christian Nationals at Houghton College in Houghton, New York. All of these accomplishments are very telling of how big an asset he has been to the track and field team in his two short years at Greenville.

Not only has Washington been a great athlete, but he has been a great friend to his fellow teammates, especially his thrower family. His teammates would say that he is the type of person to put a smile on your face; even when you’re having a rough day he will brighten your day. He almost always has a smile when he comes to practice ready to train and have fun with his teammates doing the sport he loves.

Two of Washington’s teammates that say how good a person, friend, and teammate he is are Marideth Tate and Chris Crawford. Tate explains how good a teammate and friend Washington is: “Washington is a hard worker and it shows in his throws. Not only that–he is a great friend and he is there to pick you up when you’re having a bad day.”

Crawford said he is “a very supportive teammate in helping his fellow teammates become better throwers. He can get everyone to laugh when he’s not even trying to make a joke. He’s a great person to be around and a great friend.”

Washington is a true example of doing it the Greenville way.

Listen below to an interview with L.C. Washington:


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