Who is Bradley Stubbs?

Written and Media by Sara Dawson.

The Famous Stubbs Jump. Source: Sara Dawson

Bradley Andrew Stubbs is a Greenville University football player, track runner, and Panther Cheerleader. Stubbs is a twenty-year-old junior from Hazel Green, Ala., who graduated from Hazel Green High School in 2015. Stubbs has been playing football for nine years, he has been running in track for five years, and this will be his second year as a cheerleader. His major is Sports Management with a minor in Ministry. Stubbs said, “I’m trying to go into sports ministry, so it’s like sports chaplain, FCA Director, possible oversea missions with sports involved. I’m really passionate about that; I love sports and I love ministry as well.”



High School Sports Career

During Stubbs’ junior and senior years, he was a varsity starter at his high school. He was also the starting kicker for football. After his junior year, he went to Kohl’s Kicking Camp. This camp rates kickers for ESPN, and Stubbs rated as a four-star kicker. His senior year he was diagnosed with a thyroid condition.

“My thyroid died in my body, which controls all your hormones, and so I went from hitting 50-yard field goals, to having trouble hitting 40-yard field goals. I lost a lot of opportunities that could potentially have been there. It’s been a slow process, but I’m back to where I should be at that level now. Overall I had a great high school career.” Stubbs explained. 

He was 8 for 11 his senior year in football. He also did track and field for two years and played soccer for ten years, too.    


Bradley after winning a track meet. Source: Bradley Stubbs’s Facebook

College Sports Career

Stubbs has qualified for NCCAA Nationals in the 100-meter track. He was a part of the track team that won conference two years in a row. Stubbs also won the jump-off in the Christian Cheerleaders of America Nationals. Stubbs has been playing football at Greenville for three years now.

My favorite football story would be last year for Homecoming we played Martin Luther with all the protests going on. Players were on both sides of the issue, whether to kneel or stand for the National Anthem, and we had hundreds of veterans come to the game which caused there to be a possibility of danger. This lead to the administration of the college talking to the team during warm-ups and pregame about what to do, which took about 30 minutes. This meant our team did not get to properly warm-up for the game but instead we’re listening to people work out what to do. Their decision was to keep us off the field for the National Anthem and we had a choice to come together as a team or be divided. We decided to come together as a team and won the game 63-12. It really showed that people that disagree on something can come together for something and when we unite we can do incredible things.”

Stubbs has been on the track team at Greenville for three years, also. This is now Stubbs’ second year cheering on the competition team for Panther Cheerleaders. 

Make sure to be watching for Bradley Stubbs and all the incredible things he does around campus!


  1. Bradley is one of the nicest and sweetest young men on the planet. He tries to be a peacemaker everywhere he goes. Bradley has always been an A student , great at sports, worked at youth camps in the summer, and is always loyal to God, his church,his family and his friends.. I can hardly wait to see what God has planned for Bradley’s life. I am so blessed to have him for my grandson! He adds so much love, joy, laughter and humor in our family. He can always be counted on to help others when needed.. I pray for Bradley every day that God will keep him safe and healthy and that he will be used for God’s glory….


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