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Photo by Isiah P

Written by Isiah Price. Media by Momoka Murata.

Photo by Isiah P

Greenville University hosts many events for students to participate in throughout the year. This year, however, they have added fall Intramurals to that. The games students can participate in include basketball, capture the flag, light-up two-hand-touch football, and much more!

Greenville students can participate in many fun activities on campus by attending these events, usually held on Wednesday nights. One of the main organizers of these events is GU senior, Jordie File. “Last year, I was a student leader [of intramurals]. I wasn’t actually in charge, so this fall was my first time planning and being in charge of these events.”

File enjoys her time playing and demonstrating the rules at these events. She explained, “I love sports and being around people, so I really enjoy working with intramurals. Usually, there are not intramural events during the fall, and I wanted to change that. I want to get as many people involved with intramurals as possible, so we are trying to have fun events that different types of people will enjoy during the fall semester.”

The events take place in the Crum Recreation Center, where there is a lot of space for fun activities. The gym has two gyms where students can play different sports such as volleyball, basketball, and dodgeball. Intramurals take place on Wednesday nights and give students the opportunity to compete in good, fun competition in various events. One of the main intramural sports is basketball, which is a tournament of 5-on-5 competition taking place in the spring. Another event is volleyball, which includes many teams in a tournament-style competition as well. These sports are a great way to compete with your peers while showing off your talent during the spring semester.

Photo by Isiah P

“During the spring semester, we first have a basketball season, then indoor soccer, and then volleyball. These are very popular and competitive. The teams must compete during the season in order to make it into the playoffs, and they have a chance to play for the championship. The winners of the championship get bragging rights and a t-shirt,” explained File.

Some students are already prepared for the upcoming spring intramural basketball tournament. “I wanted to play last year in the basketball intramural, but this year I am really excited to play,” said student Christian Caldozo. “I’m looking forward to play[ing] with students who are willing to win. I’m definitely aiming for the championship this year.”

Intramural games are fun for non-student-athletes who want to have a fun time in their free time with peers. It also a great way to get out and experience different games that you are not already familiar with. Greenville University’s intramurals are a way to introduce students to new and fun experiences!

We hope to see you there!


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