Freshman to Senior Year

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Written and media by Bobby Neal.

Everybody has their own college stories. When you were a senior in high school, your parents probably said, “I remember those good old college days.” We have all been there before, and when we are all done, we are going to wish we were still there.

Coming out of high school, seniors are super excited to graduate mainly because we thought we were too grown up to be in school with kids younger than us. We were excited to accomplish something and we wanted to start life as young adults.

“My freshmen year was a lot of learning, moving to a small town, and also meeting great friends. Being apart of a great track team as well was great.”—Greg Mitchell. Media by: Bobby Neal

Those first two years of college will be so stressful being overloaded with papers you are not used to. It will take some time adjusting to the college life. Being a senior, I can say I have had my days! Stress is what a typical college student goes through. “[Eight] in 10 college students go through daily stress in their daily lives,” one mental health study indicates.

The first couple years might be rough, but the last two years will make you forget that you wanted to drop out. Upperclassmen are into the study of their major and are more hands-on in their field of study. Being an upperclassman, I enjoy interacting with classmates in group projects. From my experience, being more hands-on has definitely helped the learning process.

The people you meet along the way are amazing! Finding your best friend or even finding your husband or wife is very possible while in college. There are ups and downs in college; not everything is a fairytale. Being able to live with others you do not know can be hard for some people, but it also can be a plus. The living style which you were used to can change year after year, so it is important to be ready to change your scenery.

“With me being from Greenville I met people from all over the country and I got to learn how they talk and act. The culture of others was a great encounter for me for sure.” Quote and media by Mahari Holt.

Something we all love as college students is being involved and supporting our sports teams. Just getting to know the people you are around can be a blessing, because we all learn from each other in college. From supporting the basketball team to supporting your friends on the Common Day of Learning, being involved from your freshman year to senior year is pretty awesome, especially when you get to walk the stage and say “man, it’s been a good, long four years.”

For many, it is December of their senior year, and they are finishing assignments before the semester is over. The feeling of being halfway done with your final year is like taking 50 of 100 pounds off your shoulders; the end is near. Going home for Christmas break will make you review your journey and become excited for the future. It is these experiences that shape you into who you really are and who you are going to become. The things you have encountered during college have changed your perspective on many different topics. It has also prepared you for the formal, post-collegiate world, and opened many, many different perspectives of life.


My sophomore year was a ‘get to know people’ year for me.”   L.C. Washington


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