Meet Kieley Leach

Written by Kaylie Weideman. Media by Joseph Wood.

Graduation Photos.
Source: Kieley Leach.

Kieley Leach is a graduate assistant for the Greenville University Women’s Soccer team. She was an undergraduate student at GU (then GC) for four years and is now a graduate student here.

She is from Sycamore, IL, which is a small town west of Chicago. Leach moved to Sycamore in 2001 when she was in the second grade. The majority of her childhood memories are in that house and town. She graduated from Sycamore High School in 2012 and came to Greenville College the following fall semester.

Leach was drawn to Greenville for her undergrad studies in 2012 because of the School of Education and the soccer program. She says, “I know this is where God wanted me, but He used these desires of mine to get me here. I returned this year to pour back into a program that invested so much in me. I am not entirely sure what God will have me doing long term, but I have learned coaching is a strong passion of mine, and I wish to gain invaluable experience at this university.”

Striking the ball. Source: Kieley Leach.

Leach’s passion for her relationship with Christ is inspirational on and off the soccer field. God has impacted Leach’s life by blessing her through people and the goodness of relationships. She says, ”I cannot think of a time He hasn’t had a hand in my life, even when I paid little to no attention to His being there. I would say the biggest impact He has had, besides the obvious saving me through sending His son to die on a cross and all, is who He has allowed me to do life with thus far.”

Leach played forward, center midfield, and center back for the Panthers. Her favorite position on the field was forward, where she played most often.

Leach graduated from Greenville College with a Master’s of Arts in Education-Curriculum and Instruction in 2016. She has since helped the women’s soccer team by improving their record and forming relationships with the girls on the team. She assists the other coaches in getting the girls warmed up warmed up and setting up cones for various drills.

Coaches picture.
Source: Greenville Athletics

Leach’s favorite part of campus is the soccer field and the Annex. Being an athlete takes hard work and commitment, and Leach is very committed and put in her share of hard work every day. She was a very successful player here because of that hard work.

Leach’s hobbies include reading when she has the time and, of course, sports. She likes to be outside or doing random and spontaneous things with friends. Her favorite place to eat in Greenville is Joe’s Pizza and Pasta; she loves their pasta and encourages everyone to try it!


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