The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale

Written by Josh Robinson. Media by Jason Wang.

The eighth season of “The Walking Dead” is halfway over. The war between the protagonist of the show, Rick, and the main antagonist, Negan, is still going on. Just like before, there’s still zombie killing and the fight for survival throughout the whole season. This season will contain 16 episodes. It is now on episode 8, which means that it’s moving toward the mid-season finale. If you haven’t been paying attention to this season, or for fans who have missed the latest episode, here’s a recap of what happened this past week on the show.

Photo by Yecheng Wang

Rick and Negan are still at war with each other. Rick is still planning to find a way to kill Negan and take down his team. The episode started with Rick, captured and stripped from his clothing, going to persuade the Scavengers to turn away from Negan and join his crew. The leader of the crew, Jadis, refused.

We skip to a scene when Eugene is in a tough situation because Negan claimed that he would kill him if he didn’t find a solution to Dwight and Eugene’s problem. Eugene betrayed Rick earlier during the season. So, he tries to make a good impression on Negan by rescuing the Sanctuary, which is the Savior’s headquarters.

Daryl tries to blow a hole in the Sanctuary and let all the walkers inside and hunt down anybody they see. Morgan tries to help the four traitors of Negan escape the base. Then there was a horde of walkers around, waiting to invade the inside of the sanctuary.

Surprisingly, Eugene came up with a plan to lure the zombies away by using a remote-controlled glider. Before the plan came into effect, Dwight put a gun in the back of Eugene’s head. Eugene, shocked and terrified, convinced him that he wouldn’t pull the trigger. He was right, but instead, Dwight shot the glider out of the sky, and Daryl drove a truck into the sanctuary. The dead came in seeking food, and some of Negan’s people were killed. Eugene recorded the whole scene. Later on, he went to Negan and gave him ideas to help his crew escape.

Photo by Yecheng Wang

Eugene attempted to use the tape recording against Dwight and show it to Negan. While he was walking, Eugene realized that he couldn’t do it and refused to rat out Dwight. Eugene realized that he still had a soft spot for Rick and his old crew.

The scene went back to the Scavengers’ hideout. Jadis still had Rick captive and took photos of him. She locked him away and planned to kill Rick by using one of her armored walkers to eat him. Surprisingly, Rick freed himself and attacked her. He gave the Scavengers one last chance to change their minds. If they refused again, then he would return to kill them all. Jadis agreed and wanted one-fourth of the take to help them out.

As soon as they arrived back at the Sanctuary, Negan and his crew were nowhere to be found because they had escaped.

To find out what happens next, tune in to AMC to watch the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.


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