Angler Profile: Benjamin Fouts

Written and Media by Chris Brooks.

College fishing is something that not many people know about. Other bass finishing athletes and myself have been asked the question, “What is college fishing about and how did it get started?” It is sometimes hard to answer because we are not always sure how college fishing officially started, and we fish because it is simply something that we all love to do. This frequently asked question has led me to conduct an interview with Greenville University fisherman, Benjamin Fouts. Fouts is a 2nd year Junior and Business Management major from Salem, Illinois. This is his second year with the program. 

Q: When did you start fishing?

A: I have been fishing basically my whole life, but more specifically since about the age of 4.

Benjamin Fouts pre-fishing for a tournament. Media by Chris Brooks.

Q: When and how did you start to fish bass competitively?

A: I started bass fishing competitively as a freshman in high school. This was completely self-motivated. When I first wanted to start bass fishing, I went to my high school’s coach. Unfortunately, that was a bad day for me and my performance was terrible. I looked super stupid and became embarrassed. I did not make the team that year. I went home thinking I was never going to be that awkward on the water again. I could either quit or learn to catch fish and look good.

Q: What made you come to Greenville University to fish in college?

A: I felt like it would give me the chance to compete at a higher level and be coached into becoming a better angler. All of that did happen, and I am gradually becoming a better angler because of it. 

Q: What is your number one and major goal that you set to seek out as you continue your journey as a college angler?

A: I strive to start winning locally and slowly working my way up the tournament circuits.

Q: Who are your biggest influences and why?

A: My head coach Anthony Macon, has had the biggest impact on me. This is by allowing me to travel to so many different great fishing reservoirs and getting to learn more about the sport that I love. Another huge supporter of mine is my dad.

Q: One more question, how do you want your season to go this year, and what do you expect out of your team and yourself?

A: I want to get a win in a big event this year. I also want to qualify for each of the National Championships in B.A.S.S and FLW as well to consistently place high in the smaller local events. I expect the same out of my teammates as well.

Stay tuned next week as I interview another GU fisherman, Freshman Cordell Beckmann.

Check out the Greenville University Bass Fishing March 6-7th and March 10-11th as they travel to Kentucky Lake in Gilbertsville, Ky and Paris, TN to compete in the FLW College open and the Cabelas Big Bass Bash. Weigh-ins will be on the following websites: and


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